Gourmet Coffee Now looping gifGourmet Coffee Now looping gif
Gourmet Coffee Now slide from the Briggo Coffee Haus



I was so excited that this project has rolled out that I'm skipping ahead to talk about it before getting to other recent work. This project hasn't even been posted to the portfolio yet. My friend Ben Cecil at UPG Video brought me in to help Briggo Coffee build out a digital signage system for their exceptionally cool robotic coffee machines. They've recently rolled out the new screens at Austin Bergstrom airport and have been sharing about it on Instagram. Here's a recent promo video from their feed.



The goal for the new digital signage system is to carry people through a voyage of discovery and get them comfortable that Briggo is a high-class coffee option. The first, screen offers an eye-catching appeal to welcome and entice people to try the coffee, and then while waiting for their drink, the next screen lightly entertains and informs. Animations also span the two screens to create a piece of moving art.


One of the slides from the zone of information.


The response to the signage so far has been positive, and Briggo has also recently launched their first machine at SFO in San Francisco. If you've got the chance, try their coffee. It's great stuff. I'll have a more extensive case study in my portfolio sometime soon, but I can't wait to do more with them in the future.









Welcome to day 3 of posts about recent work!


One of my favorite collaborators this year has been Josh Rubin from The Daily Dot. The Daily Dot is a digital media company, based here in Austin, that covers Internet culture and life on the web. Josh also is responsible for starting an organization called Media ATX that I've tried to throw my support behind the last year.


The Daily Dot spends a lot of time covering streaming video platforms and have found ways to funnel attention to articles on their site that can then drive people to opportunities to subscribe to various streaming offerings. Josh had the thought that the anime community and the UFC community had a lot of crossover in it. And that, if you were to combine the design sensibilities of my work at Rooster Teeth with these gifs, you could drive traffic. Here's an excerpt from Josh about the project from a recent Media ATX newsletter


Funny story:  I recently produced a video that was born out of a random thought experiment... what would happen if Rooster Teeth and Flo Sports had a baby?  
With the help of Brian Behm (formerly the motion design director at Rooster Teeth) I was able to make that borderline insane idea a reality. I also managed to sell it to ESPN. It turned out to be an incredibly successful campaign that never would have happened but for the Austin media scene...





It's been a fun project, and it's been fascinating getting a peek behind the curtain on how the creative work that I do gets used to market other content. Take a look at some of the GIFs from the campaign below. Special thanks to Justin Young for his work on some of these clips.











  • Brian


Endcard from the A|B Post reel

Welcome to day two of my week of blog posts about this past year of work. Today we're looking at the identity for my friend Adam Bailey and his new post business A|B Post. Adam and I worked together at Rooster Teeth for several years, and when he left to become a freelance editor and colorist, he needed identity material. He'd done some initial sketching for a logo but quickly asked if I could help out so that he could focus on editing.


Before I dove in, he had already begun cutting an updated reel. With music and placeholders and some sketches from him, I had a good head start on the tone of the identity I needed to develop.


Initial sketch

The sketch that Adam did was playing off that editing is about splicing things together. Take clip A and smash it up with clip B. His initials also being AB, it's a witty little visual joke. I broke his sketch down and decided to treat it as more of a monogram. The typography is based on Avenir but adjusted in places to feel much more like Avant Garde. I wanted a base that was bold and clean and could extend out to the other aspects of the identity.




With business cards being roughly the same aspect ratio as a 16:9 it made sense to work on that canvas first knowing that I could extrapolate it out to the video. We locked in on the orange and blue colors as a way to extend the binary aspect of A|B. The blue and white is roughly the inverse of the orange and black. If you scroll past the two finished business card images you can see examples with the blue and white in effect.

Final business card



Final business card back



Alternative business card possibilities


Adam asked for some texture to be brought in so I also referenced old film elements as a way to continue the editing motif. To see the rest of Adam's portfolio, visit his site at


We'll be back tomorrow with a look at some of the gifs I've been doing for UFC and ESPN+