l have time to paint, AND be a mom, AND be a wife...and take care of the house and other life chores.

Time to try and figure out a website? No way!

THANKFULLY, there are people who are highly skilled at this task!

l chose to work with



What an amazing choice that was!

Kylie has a very creative,fun, artsy style and was able to achieve an amazing website for me even though we never had meetings face to face! All was done thru email and phone calls!!

Kylie is a Graphic Designer based in Minnesota, l highly recommend Kylie for your marketing and design needs!!!
 do many other business owners.

ln my case, the art is MY thing, l am also ‘ok’ with promotion and management, BUT, when it came to creating a more professional look for myself, l needed to reach out for help!


Things happen for a reason , l happened to see an ad of Rebecca’s where she was offering a ‘head shot’ special! PERFECT!

But, Rebecca took the shoot one step further, knowing that l would use these photos to help promote my business on my website!


The oboto session included head shots, of course, but also photos in my studio capturing me in my ‘happy place’.


Turns out this other creative also lives in the beautiful Kettle Moraine area as l do...

this landscape creates a never ending stream of ideas in me,


and l am assuming for Rebecca too!!


Thank you Rebecca!!


I highly recommend

Rebecca Pfeifer Photography

to all of my southeastern Wisconsin friends!!