Protecting your business from cyber security threads is a multi-pronged approach.


It's not good enough now to just have some Antivirus software installed on your PC's, you need true Endpoint security products installed and kept up to date constantly as well as staff education.


Staff education is paramount to protecting your business.

As soon as a staff member unknowingly clicks on a link in an email to view their traffic light camera infringement or to see who is sending them something to the post box, your company is instantly exposed.


Malware and scammers are getting so good at mimicking genuine email formats, logos and wording that these emails look so legitimate it's hard not to trust them, but staff need to be educated about the dangers and how to look for them.


Investing it staff training on how to spot a scam email or dodgy link on a website is now critical to businesses, not just something that you should do.


A reputable Endpoint Security product like Bitdefender is also a wise investment.


If you need help with business security reach out to us and we can help.


More information can be found here about how to improve staff awareness in your business and help avoid cyber security attacks (The link is genuine, it's OK.....)