It's that time of the year again - planning is upon us.

A year later, when the business plan is not achieved a common complaint of managers is that their people can't execute.

The best managers help their teams filter and prioritise opportunities so that what is left can be delivered. If they don't, there are too many goals and conflicting priorities, failure is likely and no-one wins.

The key role of management? Not to hedge bets in the hope that something will succeed. Instead, to take responsibility, work out the priorities and organise around them.

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  • Alan Stokes

Assume for a minute that people don't follow a leader just because they are the boss. What if we turned Leadership around and just said that people choose who they follow? 'Followership' would then be important - what does it take to have someone choose to follow you?  I suspect many leaders would benefit from a good look at this but I bet trust and integrity, humility and honesty are critical factors on the list. Answers on a postcard please to...

Jigsaw 3D - Discuss, Design, Deliver.