• Susan King

With all the festivities behind us and winter well on the way, we're now preparing for the 2019 holiday season. We take a break in February for the caravan to avoid the worst of the wintery weather (hopefully) but Sage Cottage is available for self-catering guests looking for a getaway early in the year.

January brought us some snow at the caravan park but so far, it hasn't amounted to much. Temperatures did drop below freezing but we had already wintered down the caravan. As the month progresses, we will make a few small improvements in readiness for our first guests of the year.

Winter caravan holidays in ScotlandWinter caravan holidays in Scotland
Snowy day here at the caravan park

Our dog-friendly holiday ideas are proving to be very popular so to kickstart the new year, we are putting together a super special offer that will see a whopping great 40% discount for anyone booking at least 7 nights holiday at the caravan. There's no special code needed, simply book online and the discount will be automatically applied.


We look forward to seeing you and your canine friends in 2019.


  • Susan King


Look what's survived all the ice and freezing weather! every day there is more frog spawn appearing in the ponds and lochs, promising us that Spring is just around the corner.


Two more weeks until we reopen and welcome our first visitors.

See you soon!

  • Susan King

We are already beginning to see the first blooms of the year, including the roadside gorse. Next will be the glorious yellow daffodils.



Yesterday, a couple of us managed to move a load of daffodils from a plot nearby that was being cleared for the arrival of a new caravan. By replanting these daffodils along the wall, there should be an even bigger and better display of yellow in future years. I think I may even add a bit more colour, if I can get find some snowdrops, crocus and purple iris bulbs. We could do with a wider selection of flowers for the bees and to try and attract some butterflies.