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Updated: Mar 12, 2019



4th February, 2019


Dear Sponsors,

We at the international Centre for family Advancement is writing to seek for your urgent support towards an urgent case of our FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) TREATMENT project. You can learn more about this project from this link on our website

She is hospitalized at the moment and the hospital has stopped treating her because of lack of Funds we tried our best to raise Ksh 270,000 (Two Hundred and seventy thousand Kenya Shillings USD 2,700 )by families and friends to foot the first stage of her treatments but she needs to go through surgery now which will cost Ksh 900,000 (Nine Hundred Thousand Kenya Shillings USD 9,000). You can get more information about her condition on our website link

Attached herewith are her medical report and her pictures at the hospital for your perusals please.

All our Sponsors will be added as our sponsors on all our project letterhead and on our website , and we will always be transparent by sharing our project reports with you.

We will appreciate to hear from you soonest please.

Your.s Sincerely.

Mrs. Joan O. Akin-Davis


International Centre For Family Advancement (ICFA)

Phone-+254738082836 and +254716693233