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Ms. Stacey from Philanthrolab Science Shop joined us for our first monthly Science Saturday of the year. Kiddos learned about the night sky, crazy constellations and they made a North Star finder. It was a super-fun learning event. To learn more about the night sky and to see where Philanthrolab Science Shop will be in our community, Ms. Stacey shared the Blog entry below...


Night Sky All Seasons: Polaris, The North Star

By Ms Stacey Diaz from Philanthrolab Science Shop - Sunday January 19, 2020

Read this blog with pictures on https://philanthrolabscienceshop.com/blogs/news/night-sky-all-seasons

What shines bright? Appears to never move? and is 433 light years away? That would be Polaris, the North Star. Because Polaris lies nearly in a direct line with the Earth's rotational axis "above" the North Pole—the north celestial pole—Polaris stands almost motionless in the sky, and all the stars of the northern sky appear to rotate around it. The brightest star of the constellation Ursa Minor or otherwise known as the Little Dipper or Little Bear. The latter names are derived from the image the 7 stars of the constellation and in North American tales. The long stretch of 3 stars actually was known to be Bear's long tail. Bear lost his tail as we know today that bears do not have long tails.

Lastly the North Star Polaris is not only one star but three! Polaris is a triple star system, composed of the primary star, Polaris Aa (a yellow supergiant), in orbit with a smaller companion Polaris Ab; the pair in orbit with Polaris B.

Take the time to find some good visual books. Glow-in-the-Dark Constellations by C. E. Thompson is great because during the daytime reading the images have raised bumps on the stars to feel and each one-page informational text focusing on only one constellation. I solely focused this study on Polaris and the two constellations, Big and Little Dipper, to guide instruction. These activities can be mimicked for each star or constellation study you are able to complete.

Now enough with the Sciencey stuff, how did I make it fun? In 3 Ways. First, let's make a North Star Locator. I took a star shaped paper punch and punched it in the upper left corner of a 5 x 5 inch black craft paper. Next I had silver star stickers. You'll want 6 reflective stickers. Why reflective? Well, Polaris in the night sky can be easily found - it is the brightest of the 7 stars, but for the remaining 6 stars can be unseen with the naked eye from Earth. To find this bright star you must first find the Big Dipper, Ursa Major or the Big Bear. The two stars, Merak (β Ursae Majoris) and Dubhe (α Ursae Majoris) are known as the "pointer stars" because they are helpful for finding Polaris. As your child holds the paper to have Polaris peek through the star-punched hole the stickers will beam with light from the reflection of street lights. Drawing a line from each sticker on the paper is optional you will only need a white crayon or white colored pencil to do this. Next we made constellations with marshmellows! Reference the 7 stars positioning where it looks like a ladle. With 7 marshmellows and toothpicks make an arrangement of Ursa Minor or any constellation. Finally, we made a Star grow! What you will need is 5 toothpicks partially snapped in half. The two halves must still be connected. Put all the broken ends together and drop a few drops of water into the center. You'll see it start to move right before your eyes! Slowly each stick will absorb the water and the fibers will straighten. This will make the toothpicks reveal a growing star!

These activities were part of a new community event, partnering two local businesses, Mulberry Kids, located in Palm Harbor, FL and Philanthrolab Science Shop Pop-Up Shop for the Science Kids Crafting #sciencesaturdays kick-off. We plan to bring you this event, with a new Science Craft each month through April and then again in the Fall. Didn't get to join us, feel free to do the above activities at home. As I talked with families at this event I was able to address each part of my business. There was one family that made a purchase and contributed to their school fundraiser for this month! How cool is that!

Philanthrolab Science Shop is 3 businesses in one!

First, Shop from me 365 days out of the year. For Birthday Gifts to Educational Supply, I provide over 40 Science Toys that are $10 or less. Use code FIRST15 to receive 15% off your online order. There are monthly subscription options with the Satchel of Science. Get current month's offering from the 21st to the 20th of each month. Order in 3 month increments for 10% Off and get a delivery the first week of each month (see the next 3 offerings below). Just need 1 month? $25 with shipping. Use SATCHEL at checkout to remove automated shipping. Jan - Resolution - Get a Prism, Balancing Bird, Gyroscope Feb - Fall in Love with Science - Binoculars, Bug Jar, Bug Tongs March - Mystery Bag - TBA

The new DIYSci Kits teach young scientists how to change 1 variable in an experiment. Each at-home Kit comes with a Book, Experiment, and Craft that supports early STEAM Learning. The Sun Kit is available now $20. Use DIYSCI at checkout to remove automated shipping.

Second, I donate 20% of my Sales to Schools (and clubs) when they book a sale with me. It can be a POP-UP or Pre-Order Online Sale. It's so easy order online with a School Code and I deliver it within a few weeks! Families that purchase $30 or more get a FREE GlowLAB Celebration, a 30-minute Science Sensory Experience at the School. Don't have a Fundraiser happening? Use code DONATEDAYS and I will provide 20% of your sale to a current or following School total!

Third, I Teach Science Classes both privately (co-ops, on-campus field trips, & parties) and publicly (community centers & indoor playgrounds) to Young Children. There are 18 classes available.

Take a Science Experience Class Science Experience Classes begin January 2nd and continue through the end of May at these following locations: Mid Pinellas Learn and Play (must register in Nature School) Largo Learning Academy (must register in Homeschool Co-op) DROP-INS are Welcome: Sylvia's Clubhouse ($5/class or 8 for $30-offer ends 1/31) Tribe Seminole Heights ($5/class goes directly to community center) Little Explorers ($5/class or 7 for $30-offer ends 1/31) On 1/27/20 at Sylvia's Clubhouse it will be BOGO. Use this offer 1 of 3 ways: 1. 2 for 1 kids (siblings or friends) 2. 2 for 1 class (1 child gets 2 classes) 3. 1 Class + a Goodie Bag ($5 Value)

To Shop, book a Science Toy Fundraiser, or a Science Experience Class in the Tampa Bay market, please visit www.philanthrolabscienceshop.com or contact Stacey Diaz at philanthrolab@gmail.com.

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Welcome to the new Mulberry Kids Blog. Every week we will be sharing fun activiites for kids and their families and care-giviers around the community.


January 13th – January 18th


Monday January 13th

· Palm Harbor Library: Infant/toddler sign language 10:15-11:45 -2pm This fun interactive signing class will teach you how to include signs naturally while interacting with your child through daily routines, play time, story time and music.


· Dunedin Library Baby & Me 10 AM Stay & Play Click for more info…


Tuesday January 14th

· Palm Harbor Library: Toddler STEM Artic Adventures 1:00pm-2:00pm. Join us for some hands-on science as we learn about Arctic Animals and their habitats. Click for more info…


· Countryside Library Little Ones Music & Stories 10:30am-11:00am, ages 2-3. An active story time designed for toddlers. Each week we will explore a new theme with fun songs to dance to and sing, lots of movement, and stories.


Wednesday January 15th

· Palm Harbor CSA: Music with Mar music class 10am-10:45. Drop in cost $12 per family. Click for more info...


· Dunedin Library: Toddler Time and Stay & Play 10;30AM Birth to 18 months. A fun introduction to stories, rhymes, and songs. Click for more info...


Thursday January 16th

· Little Explorers: Pajama Yoga Story Time 5:45 – 6:30 , Join us for a fun, Pajama Yoga Story Time for the whole family! Author Betty Larrea will lead an interactive story time, reading some calming bedtime stories, including her own children's book Lucinda's Magical Yoga Adventure. Then we'll all wind down with some relaxation stories and music that will get us ready to go on a journey to DREAMLAND... Wear your comfiest PJs and bring your favorite stuffed animal. For kids ages 3-7 and their parents! Cost: $5 Click for more info...


· Dunedin Library: Preschool Story Times: Thursdays @ 10:30 AM. Ages 3-5 years. Join us for a fun time as we enjoy thematic books, songs, finger plays, literature based videos and crafts.


· Palm Harbor Library Baby Bookroom 10am & 11:30 10Am Click for more info…


· Countryside Library: Little Learners 10:30am-11:15am, Ready your child for the preschool experience with interactive story time followed by ""After Hours Book Club"" for older participants! Stories and crafts. Ages 3+


· Safety Harbor Library: Infant/toddler Sign Language 10am American Sign Language Course that includes Basic Sign Language vocabulary, daily phrases, songs, skits, and facts about the Deaf Community and Deaf Culture. For ages 0 to 3 years. Click for more info...


Friday January 17th

· iStroll North Pinellas: Free Run Club 9:15am-10:15am, Hey moms, dads, babysitters, whoever! Join us for a stroller (or not) run along the Dunedin trail! Get some fresh air on a Friday Morning and meet some some cool new people! Go whatever distance you feel good running or walking. Meet at Pop Stansell Park. Click for more info...


Saturday January 18th

· Mulberry Kids: Science Kids Crafting 10:30-Noon. This is a FREE event. This Science Kids Crafting event is all about Crazy Constellations! Join Ms. Stacey from Philanthrolab Science Shop and you'll see a Star form before your eyes while you make a North Star Locator. #ScienceSaturday Click here for more info...


· Dunedin Fine Arts: Free Make & Take Family Weekend 11:30am Click for more info…


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Welcome to the new Mulberry Kids Blog. Every week we will be sharing fun activities for kids, their families and care-givers around the community. We will also feature some guest bloggers to blog about parenting, kids, education and more.


January 7th – January 12th


Tuesday January 7th


· Palm Harbor Library: Toddler Craft - Let It Snow 1-2pm / Ages 1-5 Join Miss Chris for snow themed make-and-take crafting! Caregiver must stay with and assist child(ren)


· Palm Harbor Library : Perler Partners Club - Tues 1/7 @ 5-7pm / Ages 4-12 Perler Bead lovers grab your partners and join Miss Liz at this guided creation workshop! Kids must have an adult caregiver with them to participate

· Sylvia’s Clubhouse : Science Experince Join Ms. Stacey, owner & educator of Philanthrolab Science Shop, in a fun and inspiring learning class. Price $5, Location:Sylvia's Clubhouse 25016 US Hwy 19 N, Clearwater, FL 33763 Click here for more info.


· Sky Zone Clearwater: Sky Zone Clearwater Hosts Sensory Friendly Nights Every Tuesday Night from 6-8pm. They dial down the lights & noise & crank up the fun. Click here for more info.

Wednesday January 8th


· Palm Harbor Library: First Steps Wed 1/8, 15, 22 & 29 @ 10:30-11:30am / Ages 1-3 This four-week series of fun caregiver/child workshops includes interactive play, community resource professionals, and creative art activities. In-person registration required. Siblings Infant-4 welcome


· Palm Harbor CSA: Music with Mar music class 10am-10:45. Drop in cost $12 per family. Click here for more info


· Dunedin Library: Toddler Time and Stay & Play 10:30AM Click here for more info.


Thursday January 9th


· Palm Harbor Library Baby Bookroom 10AM


· Safety Harbor Library: Infant/toddler Sign Language 10AM - American Sign Language Course that includes Basic Sign Language vocabulary, daily phrases, songs, skits, and facts about the Deaf Community and Deaf Culture. For ages 0 to 3 years. Click here for more info.


· Dunedin Library: Preschool Story Time 10:30 AM Stay & Play


· Buddah Belly Birth Services: Breastfeeding Support Group 11:AM Breastfeeding support, encouragement and technical help from postpartum doulas and certified lactation counselors and international board certified lactation consultants. All parents are welcome for community and connection regardless of how they are feeding baby. Click here for more info.


Friday January 10th


· Safety Harbor Library: 10:30-11:15am Interactive fun for you and your little one with song, dance, instruments, and live guitar! An egg shaking scarf waving good time! 75 FREE tickets will be given out on a first come first served basis beginning at 10:00 a.m.


· Dunedin Fine Arts: Free Family Fun Nights 6pm-8pm Click here for more info


Saturday January 11th


Palm Harbor Library Mikey & Jo’s Music Show Sat 1/11 @ 10:30-11am / Ages Infant-5 Join Miss Jo and Mr. Mike for a half hour of music, instruments, dancing and fun! Caregiver must stay with and assist child(ren)


Safety Harbor Library: Family Movie 2pm-4pm. This months movie is Abonamible. Snacks and drinks provided.