The most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal



Although my business has in reality, been running for a few years now, it’s only in the last 6 months to a year (since the kids have started school) that I’ve really ramped up my online presence. Company Facebook page (check), LinkedIn profile (check), Twitter profile (check), flashy new website - checkeroo (thanks Visuable and GS Styling, ooh and moi)! And so I find myself writing (fanfare please), my first official social media post on behalf of The Wise Ass Marketing Co… how exciting (scary too).

I’ve done my Facebook and Twitter training workshops now (thank-you SHC Social media), so I’ll be distributing it using Hootsuite - first time user so please turn a blind eye to any social media cockups or things not being quite as they should be - we’ve all got to start somewhere hey! And I’ve chosen to start with a wee article on the importance of customer feedback, testimonials and references… as this is the thing I’ll be tackling straight after posting this (eyes peeled folks).

Another first today for me is actually putting together said customer feedback survey. I used Survey Monkey, and I have to say it was pretty darned easy actually (insert chuffed face). They even provide lots of nice analytical type of stuff to help you make sense of what people say over time so that you can steer your business strategy accordingly (which is the whole reason for doing this stuff don’t forget).

Chatting to a friend and fellow solopreneur last week we got to talking about this very subject and agreed that the best way to ensure that you get this vital feedback from your clients is to make it part of your start-to-finish client engagement process. Include it at the end when you send the final invoice perhaps… Attach it to the damn thing if necessary - just get it out there… every time.

Feedback is everything. Bad back feedback helps us grow and improve, and good feedback (published in all the right places) attracts more customers. Either way it’s a very good thing indeed. With the permission of your clients, pin, post and plaster those testimonials, reviews and references to every social media profile you’ve got. Whack it right up there on your homepage and make sure all those potential customers see and hear just how fantastic you are right from the all-powerful horse’s mouth - your clients!