• Spencer Mackoff

At Summer Smash Tennis our goal is to prepare students so that they are given the foundation to excel as players for life. This foundation begins with learning proper stroke mechanics, footwork, and building eye-hand coordination. As students progress through our methodology they are able to scaffold their skills and build towards having a complete game.


We pride ourselves on our ability to teach the proper fundamentals of tennis through our extensive knowledge of technique. Our approach to learning is unique and sets us apart from others, because we make academy-style learning fun. We have blended our experiences as player and coaches, and the Tennis Canada teaching method, into a proprietary teaching methodology that is centred around learning clean technique in fun game-based settings.


We specialize in being able to break down each fundamental skill into several progressions. What this means is that a particular skill can be dissected into individual sections or stages. Each stage of the progression builds upon itself until the skill can be performed in its entirety.

When I first started playing tennis over 20 years ago this type of learning concept was entirely non-existent and to this day I always wish I had a chance to learn the fundamentals through these progressions. Teaching through progressions has become much more prevalent and it is something that we have mastered at Summer Smash Tennis.


Yours truly,

Coach Derek



Coach Raul and Coach Spencer at the Kits Beach courts!


  • Spencer Mackoff

First and foremost we hope that you have all had an amazing start to the new year! Being a seasonal business it’s hard to stay in touch with everyone, but going forward we hope to change this. We aim to create a conversation that will inform and inspire our students to achieve their tennis goals and excel in their off-court endeavours.


Our team is passionate about tennis and and are good friends. This year, Marshall, Spencer, and Derek will be travelling to Paris to see the top Men and Women compete at the French Open! We will also be featuring new additions to our coaching team, new classes, new junior and adult tournaments, as well as the story behind Summer Smash. Check out Facebook and Instagram for news, contests, photos, and more information about our community.


If you have more questions or want more information about our classes, camps, or private lessons, please feel free to contact us directly on any of our social platforms. You can also direct your inquiries to our email - info@summersmashtennis.ca. Additionally, if there are any tennis-related topics that you would like us to cover in more detail, please let us know!



Yours truly, Coach Derek

There has been a lot going on at the Summer Smash headquarters the past few months and to keep you updated we will be posting on our blog every Friday. Have a great weekend and see you on the court soon!