Summer of Blood is a Punk/Garage/Noise Band from Phoenix AZ and Brooklyn NY.


Fright On! Is stoked to put out Summer of Blood's first single Rotten Fruit. The band has roots of The Stooges, The Clash, The Hot Snakes, and Brainiac. Rotten Fruit will have you singing that damn catchy chorus for hours! Listening to some of their demos has us nostalgic for 90s skate punk, early 2000s post-hardcore, and bands that came up from the early grunge era.

“This city's getting too good for me man.” - Rotten Fruit


Summer of Blood is currently working on more singles with 19 songs written! These guys waste no time writing between gigs. Ryan Richardson, singer, lives in Brooklyn and has been working with several bands over the years that include Rhondo Vega, Batter the Drag, and Superblonde. His vocal range allows the band to be creative as fuck. Jesse Everhart, guitars, (ex Seven Storey Mountain, Horace Pinker, and Tickertape Parade) pulls his influences from OFF!, Brainiac, Rocket From the Crypt. He writes rad jams and sends them to Topher Bradshaw, Bass, to arrange and send to Sean McCall to write the drums and mix. They are able to quickly produce almost a song every day with this process. Keep um coming boys!


Everyone at Fright On! is looking forward to more music from Summer of Blood.