The race information page for Vermilion is now live! You can access it by clicking on the race on the schedule page or directly by clicking HERE.

A reminder for everyone if you missed it during the live broadcast that the 2019 Season Championship Points prizes will be awarded after the first race in Vermilion on Saturday January 25th. The awards will be at the Super 8 Hotel following Saturday's race. See you there!

We have been snookered by the weather again. Due to a lack of snow the Ardmore race has been postponed until Feb 16th. If you haven't looked yet, Ardmore is just south of Cold Lake, so this two race weekend should be great. Still 10 races in the schedule, we just need a little help with some snow. Stay tuned, we'll update you as soon and as often as we can. On the up side, there is less chance of 30 below zero weather in February than in January!