Thanks everyone involved for your participation yesterday in the first ever Hi Vis Day!

The day was a success!  We managed to hand out over 1000 pedestrian safety packs downtown and giveaway and additional 700 online across Canada.  So with the amounts handed out in the previous days the total comes out to over 2000 packs handed out for the cause of pedestrian safety.

The response was tremendous, we felt a very positive response from the community, raised awareness for the cause of pedestrian safety, and helped thousands of people increase their visibility on the roads.  We are proud of the accomplishment!

We were even covered on City News!

The cause doesn’t end here, we want to continue helping as many people as we can stay safe and visible through the darkest days of the year. So stay tuned, more to come, and already looking forward to next year’s event!

Happy Hi Vis Day!

We were on the streets of Roncesvalles yesterday, continuing our Hi-Vis Day campaign for awareness of pedestrian safety by giving away the pedestrian safety pack. It was pretty hard to miss us! We had such a positive response from the people of the neighborhood who we had the opportunity to chat with and give away the LED arm band and reflective toque. 

Roncesvalles and High Park Blvd. was identified as one of the most dangerous intersections in the city according to a 2013 study by the City of Toronto.  Not everyone is making use of the crosswalks, and there is a lot going on on Roncy, between the streetcars, parking and cyclists.  Not to mention that many people are wearing dark clothing and outerwear.

It's not dissimilar to many Toronto intersections.We really believe that increasing the visibility of cyclists and pedestrians could help reduce the number of accidents on the streets of TO.  Thanks to the kind residents of Roncy who agree with our cause! Stay safe and visible out there!