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Holy moly! I actually have a blog now!

Recovery mode

I suppose it's only natural if I want a bigger presence on social media. With all the random things that I do, why not share with the world this way?

For those of you who migrated over here from Periscope, thanks! I'll make this short to spare you! Here are the links to the items I bought off of Amazon. You can click the link or photo for direct access.

360 Degree Rotating Makeup Organizer!

MeFoto SideKick360 Smartphone Tripod Adapter Small - Black (MPH100K)

9 inch - Portable Makeup Case

I always feel like my life heads into different directions. I hope I make things interesting for you all. First things first! I am NO writer. I suck at grammar. So if you are obsessed with that, sorry! *shrug*

As of now, I'm going to treat this thing as my virtual journal. Share as much as I can with you.

Call me crazy, but I am really into the idea of going into RV-life. Living in a 300 sq.ft. space here in Los Angeles is giving me too many wild ideas. I'm going to start saving. I really want to do it. Convert an old RV into my tiny home. Sounds adventurous...sign me up!

Thanks for all the love and for supporting my social media channels! I love to entertain you!

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