This dresser has been in my families for years. This was my great gramma a dresser, and it was handed down to my cousin (whose practically my sister). We both had kids around the same time! And she had a boy and I had a girl so she gave it to my daughter, until she had a daughter of her own. We both agreed a soft pink were be perfect for it. And we were RIGHT!

This is the dresser before! (After some drawers were taken out.)

This dresser is true vintage! It definitely was needing re finished. The old paint was chipping and peeling off. Thankfully when painting the whole piece you just need to sand until the spots are flush with the rest and not strip the entire thing. 👌 but look and the quality of wood under the paint!! For being so old the wood is in excellent shape!

After a coat of the drawers. I used a foam roller for the first coat on everything. Than hand painted the rest.

I love using country chics oval brushes!

Late night painting sesh.

Frame completed :)

1. wash the entire piece. I used varasol to wipe down after I sanded it flush.

2. primed in country chic clear bonding primer!

3. let dry and apply paint!

4. 3-4 coats and sand in between with 220 sand grit for extra smooth finish.

5. once paint is done wash and clean the handles, than spray them with a top coat.

6. assemble the dresser and apply finishing top coat. I used poly acrylic miniwax water based satin. X2 coats

- I used a foam roller for the first coat on everything than hand painted the rest you can do either or, or both even!

These are the original handles! The paint was chipping off so I soaked them in baking soda and vinegar and scrubbed them


Then I coated them So they would stop chipping! I personally love the warn look on the handles!

This dresser is refinished in Country Chics Oh La La! A soft classy pink.


This dresser was a score! I found it at value village for 9$.... it needed love for sure but who wouldn’t attempt to at that price ?! my vision for this was my usual safe zone, white and brown wood. BUT thankfully country chic paint sent me a can of lazy linen to try on a piece of mine, so I thought I’d give it a shot! I’d love to hear what you think. I’d love the support and feedback also on my Instagram! So give me a follow, and comment on my post 3 thumbs up if you found me through my HOMETALK! thanks for the support!

This beauty took some work to get to this point.

Take a gander at this bondo patch job on some very rough finished wood. This stuff works amazing! And sands down to butter 🧈 unfortunately it’s smelly so gotta do it outside.

These legs were made pretty with some varathane special walnut stain!

Any light colour will take probably a good 3-4 coats of paint and 1 coat of primer.


1. sand and prime - dewalt orbital sander with 80 grit

2. bondo patch job

3. sand some more, for the bondo use a bondo specific 330 grit sand sponge

4. prime with country chic primer, drawers and frame.

5. coat x3-4 times, sand in between coats for extra smooth finish.

6. strip the 3 middle drawers

7. stain with varathane sun bleached ! - turns to a grey ish colour

8. coat with country chics top coat and foam sponge. Or foam brush!

9. stage to beautify!!


Laminate furniture, can be built good! But you think “ugh so beautiful but how will I paint this?” That’s what I thought as well. But I wanted to try! This is how my project went painting a laminate piece of furniture!

This dresser is refinished in ‘Country Chic Paints’ - Cheesecake off white. And miniwax - special walnut stain for the legs! Keep reading for the steps.

You may be wondering what the red spots are?!

that is CAR BONDO! It smooths to a buttery feel and is paintable! So filling any chips or roughing it works well :)

This is after 2 coats of country chic cheesecake paint over top their country chic paint primer! The adhesion works so great with this paint.

1. wash your piece and dry it

2. fill any chips or marks with car bondo, let dry! (Be aware this stuff does smell 🤧)

3. once dry use a 330 bondo sanding block to smooth!

4. once the surface is even and smooth to touch apply country chic clear bonding primer!

5. once dry (dries fast) apply 1st coat, sand in between coats for an extra smooth finish ! I use a roller on this big piece! And I honestly prefer the DOLLARAMA ROLLER PRODUCTS. So affordable.

6. apply X3-4 coats

7. once complete apply a top coat! The one I used for this project was a miniwax poly acrylic

This mid century style piece of furniture is vintage! It’s funny how furniture pieces went from 100% wood, to partial wood, to laminate and wood, and Veneer, to current ikea furniture and particle board. Regardless of the type of furniture your working with, it’s amazing what a little bit of paint can do!