It's time for the new age industry's obsession with women's wombs to end.


This belief (which goes beyond celebrating the womb to actually seeing women solely as a womb-vessel) isn't rooted in spiritual practice or healing, but in religion. Many people find New Age spirituality seeking freedom from religion but in doing so, bring those restrictive judgements &limited beliefs, simply repackaging them as 'spiritual and sacred'.


It's an idea that the New Age LOVES - that the purpose of a spiritual woman, the pinnacle of her life, is being radiant in pregnancy, breeding the next generation of rainbow children. (And I'm NOT criticising or shaming pregnancy or motherhood. I'm challenging the idea that is pervasive in current spirituality that a woman's entire identity is her womb.)


Did you know, in my culture, the ultimate female deity is Papa, Mother Nature? Less important than worshipping her WOMB is worshipping her WORK. Which is the clean oceans, the healthy soils.


Did you know that for thousands of years, poor women were enslaved into breeding so that they could be 'wet nurses' for rich women, or to give them their babies in the event of infertility? Did you know that legal eugenics programs existed to 'breed out' blackness by white colonisers raping Indigenous & women of colour for GENERATIONS until they were having white-passing babies? Did you know that the time in a woman's life where her chance of being abused or murdered skyrockets if she's pregnant? Did you know that child marriage is still a huge issue - in the West? Especially to be poor or to be a WOC means to spend your life reduced to your sexuality and proclivity or willingness to use that as leverage to survive, whether being trafficked for prostitution or perceived as being 'a welfare mom'. . An example? I still remember vividly the first time a fully-grown, adult man projected racial sexual fantasies on me in public, hissing at me that I was 'a little harem girl' and 'exotic' and 'going to make him leave his wife if I kept looking like that'. I was eleven years old. From a young age society indoctrinates girls of colour to be viewed sexually, in contrast with their 'pure' caucasian peers.


While the open conversations around honouring our wombs are great, they centre only ONE type of female experience - that is, middle-class white women escaping from puritanical ideals of chastity, diet culture and the institution of traditional marriage - and not the experiences of millions of other women and people which is: The need to be heard & valued BEYOND their sexual reproductive system.

What I'm saying is, that our 'Womb Blessing' circles, the groups of dancing around with flowers on our heads is important but it does NOT heal the collective unless we're also actively dismantling the belief that we as women are only COMPLETED by our wombs and motherhood. Recognising that rape and motherhood have been used as tools of war & colonisation for thousands of years, recognising that POC are portrayed overtly sexually from childhood, that all forms of Divine Femininity need to be given a platform in the 2020's and that the platonic ideal of that isn't necessarily a pregnant woman.


When I talk about the obsession with wombs, I'm not talking about the anti-shame work that lots of women do in order to heal trauma & abuse. I'm talking about all of these brand-new whitewashed messages that 'WOMEN ARE SACRED *BECAUSE* WE HAVE A WOMB'. Ummmm. Where I come from, we don't respect people BASED on their ability to birth a child, but because they have intrinsic value as a human being. Maybe as a mother, yes, but also maybe a warrior, a poet, a ship-builder, a dancer, a Two-Spirit (someone identifying as Other gendered), a wise person, maybe all of those things or none of those things. As women, we are sacred. Full stop. The womb is special because it gives life, but also think about this: the nervous system is special because it has the ability to heal & to influence the potential development of a child. The brain is special because it has the ability to pass on wisdom. The hands are special because they have the ability to keep people safe. The presence of absence of a womb is not what defines a spiritual woman, or any type of woman at all.


Many of the bravest women I've ever met, weren't born genetically female. Some incredible men I know, transitioned. There are women who are born without wombs or periods or women that have hysterectomies. There are women who aren't the primary caregiver of their kids. There are women with no kids.


Some of the most powerful work that women are doing, spiritually, are things that we view as traditionally 'masculine' - arguing against control. Protesting. Fighting. Standing up for themselves. Travelling. Challenging systems in court. Fighting to be HEARD in communication. Writing their life stories. Increasing their physical strength. Most importantly, stopping old inherited family patterns and WORKING to halt generations of trauma. Your 'sacred femininity' is an ENERGY, an understanding, NOT your uterus.


To reduce a woman to her womb is simply stepping back to a religious age, albeit through marketing to women to crown *themselves* because they have a womb rather than waiting to be born into a life of royalty or gentry. Yes, women! Crown yourselves! But not BECAUSE you have a womb, but because you're a powerful, integral, connected soul in a human body and everything you do creates new ways for the Divine Feminine to heal and express herself.


Let us never forget that the Western world's ultimate spiritual 'mother' - Mary of Nazareth, mother of Jesus - was a 14 year old girl surrounded by old religious men and forced to give birth surrounded by pigs.

Usually when people meet me in 'normal' circumstances, they tend to freak out a little when they find out I practice Tarot reading. I guess they're expecting some kind of manic dream pixie girl and NOT someone who has their shit together, but hey. Surprise! I have my shit together AND a stack of old witchy wisdom! I do my cards AND my own taxes! Gosh, people are so complex right?


Anyhoops, let me tell you my favorite thing about Tarot. The most powerful thing. And it's actually... nothing to do with fortune telling.




Tarot is split into two sectors: The Minor Arcana (or Small Mysteries), which represent our individual and daily life experiences. Things like conflicts at work, stressing about money, meeting someone new, making or losing friends, the usual. There's 56 of those.


The other sector is the Major Arcana, and these represent the universal human experiences - that every living human will share at some point in their life, regardless of their looks or job or fitness. These are the powerful, life-changing, history-making things that are BIGGER than us, that connect us to history and change the future. Symbols like The Emperor (patriarchy, father figures, control), Justice, Death and Judgement.


I resonate with Tarot deeply not just because it can predict events that I can then change or mitigate to live the life of my dreams, but because it opens up doorways to understanding that regular, expensive and limited psychotherapy/counselling cannot. (I'm saying this as someone who once studied to be a clinical counsellor).


In clinical therapy fields, it's damn near impossible to find good advice AND/or someone with actual lived experience to give context to things. More than once as a young person I visited a counsellor and made THEM cry with horror at things I thought were just normal stories, lol.


Tarot empowers a person to CHOOSE. To examine their life patterns or goals with wisdom & objectivity, heal, have integrity & end self-sabotage. It says "Ok, this is the likely outcome. Is this what you want? Or would you like something else?" It says "That person is representing *this* lesson. Do you want to learn it again or move forward?" It says 'Are you aware of this particular behaviour that might be affecting the event?'


It allows people to see their lives as just as important - which they are - as any significant person in history, and to see their experiences not as futile random events but as universal human ones; which builds emotional intelligence & compassion. It reminds them of how much they're dealing with each day.


I love Tarot because it taught me to not judge, to meet people where they're at. There's an old saying 'There but for the Grace of God, go I'. It reminds me that everything that I do in life has a ripple effect, backward to my mother, father & ancestors, forward to my children & students, and outward today to whoever I meet. If you want to make boss moves, you need to learn that. Tarot will show it to you!

With love,


P.S. I also fail to see how 'reading Tarot' is any 'weirder' than playing fantasy football, drinking liquid depressant (alcohol) to feel more interesting, gambling or shooting people in a video game. Don't judge your Tarot witches! They need love too.

Let me unpack something I’m seeing a lot in light of the Sussex Royal exit. This frequent comment: “I hate Meghan Markle but I’m not racist!”

Let’s talk about it, because pop culture & politics factor into our spiritual journeys too and I’m here to - very lovingly - explain things that the average kind soul on their path doesn’t always get the opportunity to have explained other than crazy Facebook comment sections! 💜💜💜

So this, is called unconscious bias. You (I'm speaking metaphorically here) don’t KNOW Meghan Markle. Your only knowledge & information has been shaped by 2 years of news reports bombing in on you constantly, whether you like it or not. Because of this, you are being taught to associate Meghan Markle with intrusiveness, and naturally, might be inclined to think 'Why won't this woman just go away? What is wrong with her?' just because you want to read the news or watch TV WITHOUT hearing that name. Fair enough.

But do you know that this is deliberate? Unless you’ve studied this (or are a woman of color and know it intimately), you may not realise that the tropes shouted about Meghan are IDENTICAL to those that tabloid media uses against black women in general and have done, for many years. That is: being messy, being trashy/ghetto, greedy, angry, aggressive, controlling or attention seeking.

People would rather believe the same media that hounded Harry’s mother to her death, as well as releasing his location while fighting in Afghanistan- thus making his entire squadron a target for the Taliban. Believing that these same reporters are somehow LOOKING OUT FOR HIM...BECAUSE THEY CARE.


These systems are racist and when you listen to them, you are benefiting from racism, even when you think “oh I just personally don’t like the woman”. You may not be actively racist, but you’re being influenced to think in a way that’s created by deliberate racism.

It’s not about “you need to love MM because she’s perfect!” The entire Royal system needs to be questioned, actually.

But it’s about how the media is actively trying to force you into racism-based hatreds and crazy emotion, triggering you to constantly feel angry & suspicious BECAUSE ITS PROFITABLE FOR THEM. When you’re angry or judgemental, you consume more. Fact.

And in the face of potential global conflict, the more people feeling angry and fired up at an easy target like a mixed-race Duchess, the better for them. Literally none of the reports are based in accuracy, they are simply recycling historical propaganda used ALWAYS about women of color. (Not that other women aren’t tortured in the media, but the reportage around Meghan is VERY obviously rooted in racist propaganda designed to inflame you).

Let’s compare the reporting narrative between black & white and you can see how the facts don’t stack up as much as racial stereotypes:

Why is Meghan “a gold digger” despite having her own job, savings & investments; when Kate is praised for being 'real' despite the fact she has never ever worked, took two years off royal duties to ‘be married’ and was groomed from age 18 to only marry into wealth? Prince Harry’s own mother, Princess Diana, only ’worked’ part-time for two months total in her life before getting married - she was bred to be a rich, titled housewife because only 'lesser' women actually work for a living, in these society circles. But Kate and Diana are lauded as “true princesses”, “classy” and “angelic”. Um, how classy is it dedicating yourself only to finding the richest possible man early in life to fund you going to parties in diamonds and having servants on the taxpayer dime? Wearing an expensive McQueen coat-dress doesn’t define a “classy” human being.

Why is Meghan “greedy” for renting a £4m stately home but the Prince of Wales is “thoughtful” when investing £25 million into doing up a palace that nobody even lives in, during a time of horrible national austerity? When over 15 different non-working Royals are funded to live in Kensington Palace just because the Queen likes them?

Why is Meghan “stealing taxpayers money” but p**dophile rapist Prince Andrew is literally funded to live in a palace?

Why is Meghan “crazy” for suing a tabloid over racist abuse encouraging readers to hurt her, when Kate was “a good role model” for suing a tabloid for reporting she had Botox at a certain venue?

Why is Meghan “messy” and “trashy” for having textured hair or being an actress, but Kate is “classy” despite holidaying topless and modelling lingerie?

Why is Meghan “ruining Harry’s reputation” when he admittedly spent most of it (until they met) boozing, taking drugs, getting into fights and wearing Nazi uniforms in public?

Why is Meghan “fake”, when the Royal Family has spent decades hiding scandals, taxable income, affairs, mental illness, drug-taking, and profiting richly from the fakery?

Why is Meghan “desperate and conniving” by having a baby in her thirties but Kate is “maternal and a natural mother’?

Why is Meghan “cruel” simply for not having a relationship with her abusive father but Prince Philip is “happily, doing well” after running over an innocent woman in his car? Or labelled as 'lovably eccentric' for being openly, aggressively racist when visiting Commonwealth nations?

Our media is still, sadly, stooped in hatred of women, particularly of colour. Especially in Britain, the pervading colonialist attitude remains that black people do not DESERVE to be heard, valued or seen. That they are animalistic, aggressive, controlling, greedy and entitled simply by existing in public and should be slaveringly, pathetically grateful for even being tolerated. This is the attitude towards Meghan Markle, her 'straight outta Compton' (an actual headline) mother Doria, and any people of colour present in the royal family. Even the BBC coverage of the Sussex wedding showed the royals behaving like patronising buffoons when a black pastor was speaking or a black choir was singing. The condescension quickly turns to outright rage when one of these people, in these case Meghan, dare to define themselves outside of where they've been pushed in the class system. It awakens that buried envy & primal hatred in people. “How dare she? How dare they?” Hate is profitable.

As you attack Meghan for once, taking a private jet after being threatened with assassination for having a mixed-race baby, please cast your mind to Prince Andrew, who took taxpayer-funded private jets with convicted sex offenders/trafficked young girls, collaborated with convicted terr*rists and illegal arms dealers, and still remains under complete funding, support and protection of the entire royal family. Imagine, as a woman, a new mother and wife, having your husband's powerful family affirm that you are of less worth than a p**dophile uncle.

Please do not convince yourself “intuition” or “intelligence” is making you (again, metaphorically) spew hatred & judgement about a woman you’ve never met.

In fact, I’d encourage you to research how women of colour, from Serena Williams to Angela Davis, have been reported in the media and you will see that the “reports” attributed to Meghan, even in light of Sussexit, are not new stories, or even about her. They are simply traditional, identical, abusive, racist recycled tropes that, when being shouted at you in every headline, feed down into your mind so overwhelmingly to trigger your rage. Why do they write all this? Because you buy it. Injustice is done when we stay silent about things that matter and in this case, I am seeing WAY TOO MANY normally lovely folk accepting and rehashing horrible, untrue stories without realising that they are unwittingly, encouraging and promoting racist lies.

Let’s tackle unconscious bias in 2020 so we can all be TRULY intuitive, empowered & wise. Let’s start by chucking out the tabloids.

**Please let me clarify that this isn't 'pitting one woman (Meghan) against another (Kate)'. It's simply identifying how the media selectively, deliberately trashes a woman of colour - but praises, accepts & promotes those alleged specific traits/factors in other, white Royals. This demonstrates that a) the accusations aren't true, because if they were, a random working woman who only entered the family two years ago and has zero influence would NOT be the headline, especially when discussing decades-old mismanagement of taxpayer funds including private jet usage by the entire Firm and b) the specific choice of made-up criticism is all steeped in racist stereotypes ('Angry Meghan demands a bigger tiara and makes toddler Princess Charlotte cry!' 'Greedy Meghan traps poor Harry with a baby!'), rather than genuine errors of systems or independent actions as a person.