It`s the end of the year, my latest collection has been finished and published in one of the most prestigious fashion magazines in the world. I feel this year has been life changing after creating my most elaborated collection yet. I even participated in a film, as a Costume Designers assistant intern. This is, ladies and gentlemen, the second stage in my life and career as an independent fashion designer and entrepreneur.

Life has given me many obstacles this year, my finances have decrease to their lowest point in my life, however, this is not a stop to continue this clothing line to their ultimate success. There is always a high and a low point in someone's life.

The changes in my personal life this year is a whole new story to tell, for which, it has influenced the new permanent changes coming for my brand.

Next year, be prepared to watch me network with fashion stylist, fashion editors, fashion publicists and seeing my social media grow potential clients. The year 2020 is all about efforts and accomplishments for Nati Mota. I can't really tell you exactly how my business plan is organized but definitely, this brand will be very different from the variety of changes and experimentations I have created in each collection.

Here is a list of new aspects you will see in my brand...

  • New clients: you're not one of my clients? get in line and support an emerging designer!

  • A new contemporary and "new era" luxury collection.

  • Local networking with the fashion world. You might see me at different fashion events through NYC.

  • A new and consistent brand identity.

  • Menswear: feel free to send me any ideas of clothing for men that you would totally buy.

  • Presenting my collection at different fashion event companies than the ones I been working since my beginnings.

  • Spring/Summer collections only: this allows me to concentrate on networking and marketing my brand to the next level.

These are just some of the new aspects for my brand. This is what it take to advance, progress, strategize as an independent fashion designer.

For any emerging fashion designer out there, keep going, whatever your goal is, don't stop. Make improvements, network, let`s connect and create a support group that teaches people how emerging designers contribute in the fashion industry. :) ;)

It is the year 2019, end of July, and new ideas and projects are coming out of my mind, re-branding my clothing line, which I will talk about later this year, and, my designs, having great influence in my decision to work in the film and entertainment industry as a costume designer and wardrobe stylist.

Being a contemporary designer is fun and innovative. I love thinking "out of the box", whether it comes from inspirations or concepts. Believe me, I have received many compliments from people about the creativity of my collections as a fashion designer. I truly love my creativity as well, however, I have felt my designs have a particular aesthetic for the entertainment industry, more than for high fashion. Now, on my fifth collection, I`m starting to realize there is a more interesting field for my creativity, why not try costume design?

Back in fashion design school, one day I was preparing my recently finished garment to expose it as a window presentation of my project, a classmate and a dear friend of mine was looking at the window presentation beside me and said..."You will work in movies one day" I looked at him in disbelieve and amused, I said to him "no" and he said, very secure of himself, looking at me "Yes" and them he went back to the fashion lab. I've always considered myself very creative, sometimes I even get anxious when I`m not creative enough, I understand this part about me, but, I have never, as a fashion design student and now a professional fashion designer, considered becoming a costume designer for the film industry until now.

One thing is certain between the film industry and the fashion industry and is that both industries are not the same. Being a costume designer is NOT the same as being a fashion designer. Costume design is about developing a character or idea into a garment. Understanding the character and the writer who creates the character is highly important in order to execute the personality on the clothes of the actor or actress.

Fashion on the other hand, is about creating a garment or collection based upon an inspiration. You decide and make your own ideas reality in a garment. Sometimes you even get lost in the process while making the collection to finishing the collection. Fashion is transitional, is interchangeable, it goes back in time and comes back around. You can get inspired and combine vintage 1930`s fashion and Gothic sub-culture fashion into a collection or a garment. Costume design is not like these things, it stays within one concept, whether you have a fictional character or real life inspired character, you stick to the idea of that character, you indulge in the character until you have made a complete set of outfits of that character. Both design concepts can be challenging but one is definitely singular and poetic, costume design.

Would I love costume design? I believe my creativity will fit just fine in this industry. I look forward for new adventures, challenges and surprises waiting for me in the film and entertainment industry, whether I work in film, music, television or performing arts, all of which sounds exciting for me, I am ready to show my creativity and skills to the world.

Keeping a clothing line and working as a costume designer and wardrobe stylist will be a "very cool" experience, that's for sure!

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

Living in the 21th century can be very tricky when it comes to creativity. Self expression has become so diverse that the word "individuality" is beyond the word itself. I am one of most individuals who are eager to have a unique artistic identity, not only as a person but also as a creator, designer and an artist.

#natimotadesigns #emergingdesigners

One of my goals as a fashion designer is to develop and sustain a unique artistic self-identity and I believe I`m reaching my goal. For many artists, one aspect to look for in developing a self-identity is to express a discovery that is deep within your subsconscious mind but unusual for the common mind.

The following list are 10 mayor ideas to do when it comes to self-artistic expression.

- Get out of your comfort zone.

- Express your feelings

- Plan your concepts

- Love yourself

- Use your imagination

- Be realistic

- Travel (from your own neighborhood to another country)

- Observe your surroundings

- Follow your instincts: they are never wrong!

- Play with colors: it relaxes and re-wires the mind for new ideas!

These are 10 mayor ideas to practice for a more efficient artistic self-expression. I practice these ideas as much as I can and my talent has improved for the last 3 years. Your individuality will become more pronounced and your subconscious mind will be released freely, creating more unusual art for the common mind.