• prices gone crazy

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  • prices gone crazy

Updated: May 16, 2019

A friend of mine shared with me a great story that I think can be interesting and helpful for ppl living paycheck to paycheck and even for everyone out there enjoying a thrill or saving money and who doesn't like those two!

and this is what he told me, his father has a habit in collecting cents, every night he finds some coins in his pocket from 1 penny to a quarter he puts it into a bucket that he have near his bed, also when someone finds any coins in the house it goes into that penny bank, and once in a year or so he takes all coins and it adds up in a hundred dollars or more and he buys something interesting for the children something that you wouldn't go and take out a straight 100 bill for it but now you get it from the pennies

I love this story, it tells you a lot and like from all good stories you can learn a lot from it but our point now from it is don't neglect those pennies its the way to start take a container (better without a place to take out..) and start putting your coins there after 2 years you'll have your first three hundred dollars to open a savings account and now every time you got a small bill in pocket and wanna treat yourself with something special put it in that bank and treat yourself with some good savings!!