• Frank Bitonti 12 365 2019

Ahh what a relief this is my 365th sketch one for each day in 2019. I have completed my goal !!! Yeah !!! I can say it was fun and also demanding to do, everyday this past year this sketch has been on my mind. Now that the pressure is off I will need to find a new adventure.

Happy New Year to everyone. Hope you have a Happy and Prosperous 2020!!

Happy New Year

  • Frank Bitonti 12 365 2019

Just 2 sketches remain till my venture ends. Day 364 includes most of my features that can be found in a lot of sketches. Mountains, trees, Sun, Creek, Moose, long grass and colourful sky.

Out of this World

  • Frank Bitonti 12 365 2019

This sketch "Sunshine" I created the sun first and used my sandpaper to create the ribbons shown in the sketch. I added the yellow colour to make the sun stand out.