Name: Joey (19 weeks old)

Likes: Hanging out with my new pals at doggy daycare, meeting new people, chewing everything in sight (especially if it squeaks at me), and cuddling.

Dislikes: Wearing my boots to go outside to play in the snow

When I grow up I want to be: As a pup learning to adapt to missing my hind paws, I want to grow up to be a therapy dog who shows people that a disability doesn’t need to get in the way of living a happy, full life!

Name: Momo (6 months old)

Likes: I LOVE to chase feet hiding under blankets, affectionately paw my humans while nibbling on their hair, and sleep on warm radiators. My favorite place to drink water is the bathroom sink and I like finding crafty ways to open doors. Dislikes: I hate being away from my favorite humans, being told to get off the kitchen counter, and closed doors.

When I grow up I want to be: An acrobat or an engineer!

Name: Ice Cream (3-year-old cockatiel)

Likes: I LOVE Cheerios! Also perching on Zack’s shoulder. My favorite place to hang out is on the stairway cable railings and I love to peck at bell toys in my cage. I want to be with my family (out of my cage)  whenever they are home! Dislikes: I strongly dislike it when they cover my cage at bedtime with a towel. They do this to keep the draft out during the night but I squawk at them every time. I also dislike my “travel cage”.

My favorite memories of my life so far: When Zachary first met me we bonded instantly. They love it when I hear the garage door and am chirping to greet them when they get home. Also I was blessed by the school chaplain....what a memory!!