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At Spring Creek, we are constantly making improvements to ensure that we are providing our patients with the highest possible level of care. The mission of our “Spring Back Fast” program is to get you home as quickly as possible. In order to accomplish this goal, we have been focused on updating our rehab equipment.

In addition to our unique “daily activities center”, which helps patients with the skills that they will need to successfully live independently once they return home, we have updated our rehab gym to include a variety of state of the art equipment utilized by both Athletic Rehab Facilities and Trainers involved in Professional and Collegiate sports such as football, baseball, basketball, and soccer. These new pieces of equipment can be used, either separately or in tandem, to help patients succeed in a wide range of recovery protocols.

The Omnicycle* (pictured) is used to assist patients who struggle to participate in therapeutic exercises because of challenges related to lack of strength and/or coordination, reduced balance, reduced endurance and loss of flexibility or range of motion. The Omnicycle is fully customizable to individual patients’ needs, and automatically adjusts support and provides biofeedback to the patient. The Omnicycle is an effective treatment approach utilized in stroke recovery, fall prevention, restoration of mobility, wound care, cardiopulmonary training, orthopedic recovery and pain management.

The Omnistand* (pictured) is a dynamic balance system that allows our therapists to work with patients on balance and pre-gait training. This dynamic balance system frees therapists, allowing them to challenge their patients with high level activities, instead of just providing manual physical support that would occur with the use of a traditional standing frame. The dynamic sway enables the patient to increase both their balance and confidence levels in a supportive environment that facilitates increased independence sooner rather than later. The Omnistand is an effective treatment approach utilized in stroke recovery, cardiopulmonary recovery, fall prevention, restoration of mobility, and orthopedic recovery.

These are just a few of our most recent improvements at Spring Creek. We will continue to ensure that our dedicated team of rehabilitation professionals, including Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists, has access to state of the art equipment in order to facilitate a full and timely recovery for both you and your loved ones. “Spring Back Fast” isn’t just a slogan to us. It’s a mission that we are dedicated to fulfilling.

*Omnicycle and Omnistand are registered trademarks of Accelerated Care Plus.

There are occasions when we all need extra time and extra care before returning home after an injury or illness.

At Spring Creek Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, our goal is to help patients transition safely across care settings so they can reach their highest level of function and regain independence.

Our medical team includes an on-site physiatrist and trained therapists. These professionals work together to help you get healthy and stay healthy ... so you get home faster.

Spring Creek’s newly renovated rehabilitation unit, with 53 private and semi-private beds, is housed separately from our long-term care services.

This distinct unit features a rehabilitation gym, which includes a unique “daily activities center” to fully prepare patients for their return home. And, our unit features the same state-of-the-art equipment that NFL players use.

You don’t take a break from getting well. We never stop helping. Our therapy services operate seven days a week to help you recover faster.

About Spring Creek’s Rehabilitation Services:

  • Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapies

  • Therapy Services Seven Days Per Week

  • Therapeutic Recreation

  • Seven-Day Per Week Admissions

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  • Spring Creek Staff

Our success as a company --- and your quality care --- depends on the strength of our team, many of whom have been at Spring Creek Rehabilitation and Nursing Center for more than 20 years. We work closely with our employees to build an innovative, creative and rewarding work environment, where customer service and quality care are always our top priorities. Whether you are a resident or patient, during your time here, you’re not just part of our community; you’re part of our family.

“The reason I’ve stayed for 30 years is because it’s warm, it’s welcoming, you meet new people,” said Larry Pollard, who works in the maintenance department at Spring Creek. “I like being around the residents. We talk a lot, try to make each other laugh, which I love. It’s a beautiful place to work. That’s why I’m still here.”

Kim Stern has been with Spring Creek for more than 25 years, working her way up from a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) to head of transportation. According to Stern: “The patients are the reason I’ve stayed here so long. I strongly feel a need to be there for them. You have to respect the patients like they’re your own family. This place really does feel like a family. I love this place.”

Spring Creek patients agree.

Heeda, who chose Spring Creek because of a positive experience her brother had here, made some new friends on the therapy staff. “These guys, when I’m leaving here, I’m going to really miss them,” she said. “It’s really more like a family here. I made friends here. They’re my boys. I’m being released soon and I promised them I would make them some gumbo as soon as I get home.”

Lynne, a patient who recently completed her second stint at Spring Creek, chose to return because she appreciated the family atmosphere. “I decided to come back because I liked the staff and the therapists,” she says. “I just feel at home here. Some of the people I met last time are still here 10 years later. There’s definitely a sense of community here. I still stay in contact with some of the friends I made during my first stay 10 years ago. Sometimes I bake things and bring them in for the staff.”

Lynne also made some new friends during her current stay. “I don’t think I could have possibly had a better occupational therapist than the one I had here,” she says. “I’m going to miss him; I want to take him home with me.”