Tito Cruz survived with his four brothers until the streets of Santo Domingo left him alone to fend for himself.

His only happy memory from youth was playing baseball with his brothers in a patch of dirt next to a church.

A missionary couple offered him the chance to escape the island and enroll in college to play baseball.

Tito signed with the Houston Astros but squandered many opportunities attempting to drown his demons from childhood.

Will Tito accept the invitation to play a round of golf at Goat Trails Golf Club from the mysterious messenger in the fiction book Beyond the Goat Trails?

Goat Trails Golf Club hides a sinister secret.

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Don’t underestimate this diminutive intelligence officer. She avoids the responsibilities of rank but enjoys the privileges. Her good looks, knowledge of military tactics and cunning bureaucratic maneuvering influence superiors and subordinates to adopt her agenda.

The colonel discovered golf while stationed at Fort Huachuca as a 2nd lieutenant. The game was a perfect fit for her competitiveness and became her new passion-second only to a promotion to general. Will she accept the sinister messenger’s invitation to play a round of golf at Goat Trails Golf Club?