• Suzanne Noble
  • Suzanne Noble

Think having a flatmate is something you only do in your 20s? Londoner launches sharing scheme for older people

ELLENA CRUSE The Evening Standard

A 58-year-old Londoner has launched a flat-sharing service aimed at older people who need to split their rent in the capital. 

The inspiration for Silver Sharers first came about while Suzanne Noble was helping her long-distance partner find a place to live in London. 

The idea for the scheme grew in her mind when she needed to find a lodger to help with her own finances. 

Seeing the big demand for older flat buddies but surprisingly little choice she decided to create the resource herself.

  • Suzanne Noble

I was delighted to be able to share the Silver Sharers origin story in Age UK's London blog recently and also in their magazine which came out this week.

I'm a great believer that home-sharing is the way to go if we want to be healthier and happier in our later years as there is no shortage of research available about how social connectivity is the key to a longer life.

You can read my article here. Or pick up a magazine from any branch of Age UK in London.