Every year Houzz.com names an exclusive group of winners to celebrate the best of the best in home design and photography. Exclusivity boasts just how prestigious the honor is to receive ‘Best of Houzz Awards.’ It truly is a popularity contest among visitors and users of the home design site, www.houzz.com.

Exclusivity and Recognition

As a home designer, landing on the list of the ‘best’ in any category is no small accomplishment. Houzz is a popular site for visitors to browse thousands of photos in home design and architecture for ideas or finding the right designer to make upgrading a room or the entire house a dream come true. It is the visitors of the site who vote and determine the winners each year.

According to Houzz, “… over 40 million monthly unique visitors select a small number of winners in the categories of Design, Service and Photography each year.”

The ‘Badge’ is only awarded to a little over 3% of the 2.1 million professionals on the site. With the wealth of talent to compete with amongst unique home designs and innovation, Linden Kitchen and Bath found itself in the winners’ circle for the fifth consecutive year.

More ‘Badges’ & Recognition

‘The Best of Houzz Award’ of 2019 honor is another addition and accomplishment of the veteran in home design — but that’s not all. The Houzz community has recognized the home design team and awarded additional badges for ‘Influencer,’ ‘Community Recommended,’ and a badge citing over 1,000 photo saves by the community of Houzz.

Linden Kitchen & Bath

Houzz.com has a showcase of previous work from Linden Kitchen & Bath with reviews by the community and past clientele. Implementing our prolific ideas, the team has created several exquisite designs to include, modern bathrooms and master bedroom remodels complete with new closet design. In addition, we’ve garnered reviews on projects ranging from contemporary stainless steel kitchen upgrades and custom cabinetry, to traditional influences with rich color schematics and designs for large and small spaces.

If you are seeking an upgrade to an existing space, there is an abundance of ideas to choose from within our portfolio. Stop by and see nearly 100 past projects and of photos and discover your next design with Linden Kitchen & Bath!

  • Linden Kitchen & Bath

Photo by Cambria.

Your home is your getaway, a place to relax and enjoy your family. It is also a representation of your personality and conveys a story of who you are. With new and exciting trends brings a world of options to select for an upgraded kitchen or bathroom. There are a few stand out concepts that anyone can fall in love with that can work together with more classic designs. Think bright colors with a textured backsplash, modern look with metals and bold bathrooms.

Bright Colors

If you love bright blues and red shades, the Mediterranean style can be a great fit. With this opulent style, you can keep muted tones with bold colors. Opt for a quartz countertop in a muted brown with a blue textured backsplash for depth and pizazz. The quartz is durable, and the color will easily flow through the trends and style changes down the road.

Texture & Metals

For a sleek and futuristic design, make your kitchen pop with a 3-dimensional backsplash in metal. Bronze and silver have become popular choices for those who want to accentuate spaces in the kitchen. Silver is becoming a favorite, and stainless-steel appliances will coordinate well with silver accents and bright colors.

Gunmetal and pewter hardware for sinks and tubs create added depth and a sleek modern feel for your kitchen or bathroom. These hardware choices will complement a full color pallet of orange, yellows, reds, and blues.

Photo by Camria

Bold Accents

Who doesn’t like a spa treatment? Bring the feel of the spa to your bathroom with a bold statement. Modern and sleek, a black marble countertop creates clean lines. Pair this with a red textured backsplash, and your bathroom will be luxurious and make a high-end statement. Choose your favorite bright colored canvas piece centered on a wall for an added pop and focal point.

If your bathroom needs brightening, choose an accent wall with stand-out hues and a multi-colored tile. For a complementary focal point, create a centerpiece on the floor with tiles that continue that pop of color. If you gravitate towards spring influences, pear green is an excellent choice for a luminous accent wall paired with white cabinetry and ceramic tiles.

For an exceptional bath experience,

Photo by Plain & Fancy

create an accent wall behind the bathtub as a focal point. A marble shower floor and a bright-colored mosaic backsplash will mesh, creating modern clean lines and depth. Textured blends in mosaic with red, yellow and blue will invoke a dramatic effect.

Open the Opportunities

The spectrum for kitchen and bath design is broad from futuristic to rustic — to modern lines combined with 3-dimensional variances to emphasize depth and character. It is about artistic flair, individuality, and accents, which makes for a rewarding experience in home design and customization. If you’re ready to make a bold update in your kitchen or bath, give us a call to schedule your personalized consultation at (810) 735-7846 or email us HERE.

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Photo By FENIX

A home can be as functional as it is unique. Functionality championed with low-maintenance additions is what an active family demands in innovative home design. If you desire a clean, modern and minimalist look that is durable and low maintenance, that is what FENIX provides with its deluxe touch-latch cabinetry. When you choose FENIX for your kitchen or bathroom, it will amaze you with how a modern touch does not have to be high maintenance.

Plain is the New Fancy

FENIX is revolutionizing how cabinetry contributes to a beautiful and sleek space while using a technology that makes clean up a cinch. FENIX NANO TECH MATTE is an extremely matte material that can be used for many interior design solutions for your kitchen and bathrooms.

Touch-latch cabinetry creates sleek lines with a flat surface without the typical hardware found in kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. The touch-latch is ideal for minimalism while boasting a sharp look with clean lines. The material used for these cabinets supplies low reflection and is soft to the touch. NANO TECH MATTE technology for cabinetry reduces the problem of fingerprints — it is anti-fingerprint and fosters a clean surface by reducing bacterial build up.

Photo by FENIX

Low Maintenance

Another great benefit is a FENIX surface does not require any special maintenance, just a damp cloth with warm water or a mild detergent. Almost all regular household cleaning products or disinfectants can be safely used. For the most common stains, you can simply clean the surface with warm water using a non-abrasive cloth. Tougher stains can be removed with non-abrasive household cleaners or solvents. For older, dried or caked-on stains, use a magic sponge or soft cloth to remove them. Clean and durable, these are just a few more benefits of FENIX NANO TECH MATTE.

· Thermo-heal micro scratches

· Enhanced anti-bacterial properties

· Dry heat resistant

· High resistance to acid solvents & household agents

Modern & Minimalism in One

Minimalism and cleanliness do not have to equal plain. NANO TECH MATTE makes it possible to upgrade your kitchen and a bathroom with touch latch cabinetry for a sleek look, and a modern feel. With easy clean up, leave your worries behind and ‘live’ in your space. FENIX touch-latch cabinets feature a progressive look to your space while supporting the element of minimalism. With its unique durability you can look forward to enjoying your kitchen and bathroom FENIX cabinetry for years to come.

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