We begin the C-Series with 'Confidence' and Creativity', two of the core pillars of Kompactfaen and something that we constantly keep in mind in everything that we do.

1. Understanding what matters to you.

Every business needs an objective, it needs an aim.

Wedding photography and videography involves documenting an extremely intimate part of life, of humanity. It may be something many of us overlook as we naturally focus on things like composition and lighting. However, being involved in such a personal part of a marriage requires some form of concern and love for the people you’re shooting/filming. Figuring out what aspect of this moment means the most to you and focus on it as a start.

2. New is never popular.

Karl Lagerfield once said that “trendy is the last stage of being tacky”. It’s easy for trends to die. Even though trends are a good indicator of quality and it garners attention, it is never stable and you should never garner business directions based on trends.

On the contrary, things that are new will never be popular. People tend to reject things that are foreign, things that they are not used to. It’s always hard work challenging habits and norms. Drawing references from the diffusion of innovation, we see that the rate of adoption for new ideas and technology always follows a curve – the peak is never during the early stages. Meaning, setting a new trend or introducing a new style can never garner the most likes or become most sought after immediately. With this understanding, coming up with new ideas/concepts/imageries is no longer about garnering the approval for most people but to solidifying your concepts and work instead. When people seem to disapprove what you’ve created, there’s lesser ill feelings but more objectivity. This helps greatly in evaluating you own works in the most balanced way possible.

3. Do impractical stuff and unnecessary creations.

Creativity is like muscle. It weakens with lesser usage and strengthens with consistent exercise.

With every paid shoot comes expectations and criterions of others to be met. However, shoots of your own are your safe space to experiment and to create. Sometimes, too much restrictions and expectations causes us to recreate, whether intentional or not. When a shoot has no particular purpose tagged to it, that’s when you become daring and you are able to inject your ideas into a piece of work. It’s okay even if it doesn’t turn out to look good. We all start from and get to somewhere. This requires lot of time and effort that doesn’t seem to reap anything in the short run, but trust us that you’ll see results of this practice in the long run.

4. Pleasing clients is important but know when to take a step back to your “self”.

With solid hard work and sincerity, you have a solid foundation to stand on.

In face of unreasonable requests, unfavourable comments and undesirable situations, you’ll be able to take pride in your works as you’re subconsciously certain of the amount of time and effort you’ve spent. You respect your own hard work, and that’s why you respect both compliments and complaints. And you learn to deal with bad situations or comments respectfully and with stride.

Even though service and caring about your clients is important, you stop creating to please people but learn to create collaborative work – something that your clients love and something that you love – through deliberate communication and cooperation.

Ultimately, the soul of a good piece of work cannot lie.

And that's when you gain the confidence to be creative in your works. Your works will be the core of your business – how you execute, how you care, how you communicate and how you look. How you're confident of it and how you respect it. It is not something that is obvious within one look but it takes time for clients to explore and understand. That’s when you start speaking to people and are able to form your own identity to differentiate yourself. These are hence a few of the keys to gaining confidence and encourage creativity in your works,

We'll be diving deeper in these topics with detailed steps and advices for each point during Dimensions Workshop v1.0. We do hope, however, that this article provided a great insight and some enlightenment about setting up the business.

We look forward to seeing you at Dimensions Workshop v1.0!