Updated: Feb 14

When I was 4 years old, my beloved Aunt taught me the "Roses are Red" poem. At the end, she would tap my nose and we'd both laugh! Until she passed away, I called on every Valentine's Day and recited the "Roses are Red" poem. Then we both laughed. Valentine's Day is a great day to celebrate those you love and those you have loved. It's one of those days you can go over-the-top with treats little Valentine surprises. We're using our Scarlet Fiesta heart-shaped bowls and dinnerware to serve lots of sweets and treats. We all know the dinnerware color is red but Scarlet sounds so much more dramatic and special :-)! We think our Scarlet Fiesta is pretty sweet and if you're reading this, like the poem says: So Are You! Happy Valentine's Day!

Sometimes, we get tired of horrible things happening, getting scam calls all day, and getting bad news in some format. With Valentine's Day on the way, we can all use a little reminder that love comes in many forms. Here's a picture of two very cute and unlikely friends, no explanation is needed and no energy is needed but it may make you smile (that takes a little effort) :-)!