Only 12 more days till Christmas, so naturally it was time to put up the decorations. I'm not really one to put up my stuff right after Thanksgiving...I like to let my food coma wear off and enjoy the rest of the month and the fall season, but for those that do like to jump right on each there own. DO YA DAMN THANG!!!

I was pretty excited to decorate my apartment this year because I finally have a place with no roommates (although I love and miss them all...) it is nice to have space to ourselves. Since it is my first Christmas decorating an entire space, I didn't really have enough decorations to fill up the whole apartment so I mainly directed my focus to the living room, which is where we spend most of our time anyway. I especially like my little coffee table set up - a basket full of sparkly ornaments with a red plaid liner and a cute little fashion book by Christian Dior for some daily inspiration (my friend Sarah gave me that book for my birthday one year, great gift...great read, highly recommend. Thanks girl!!). I was particularly drawn to the color section on this December night; it absolutely gave me inspiration for decorating.

Most of my decorations are from Target, Walmart, or Kmart...oh and also hand-me-downs from my mom. I plan on creating my holiday decor collection over time, growing as I settle into a more permanent residence. Although for now, this is just perfect! Plus my babies Squirty & Bella seem to like the decorations too!!

So...since I was so "wrapped up" in the holiday spirit I decided to do a mini photo shoot in my own house while I was decorating. It was fun kind of feeling like a kid again, which is what I think brought out my own personal holiday cheer. I think all people should look to what makes them feel like a kid is joyful and of course inspiring, not to mention it reminds us of the good that is in this world. Whenever I am inspired, it makes me want to encourage and build others up; to do something that makes them happy. Something I think more people should participate in and spread love, kindness, happiness, and even acceptance for how an individual decides to live their life.

I am a firm believer that everyone deserves happiness, so YOU DO YOU and if people don't agree with you...challenge them, but then step back and listen, I mean really LISTEN to their opinion and why they believe that specific reasoning, honestly you never know who you can make a connection with if you don't even give them a chance. In today's society I think most people forget to stop and listen to what others have to say (maybe not necessarily on purpose, but it is still happening), instead many are shutting the other person down for not agreeing with their viewpoint. How do you learn or grow as a person by closing yourself off from anything different? Personally, I feel that defeats the whole purpose of diversity...accepting things that are "different or weird" will benefit our society and make it to where every single person feels like they are contributing to a thriving country.


All of these actions (love, kindness, happiness, acceptance) creates holiday spirit within an individual and also just positive energy, which in turn radiates out into the world and spreads for others to absorb and then enjoy!!

So when you think about cheer/spirit doesn't come from how many lights you can put up or from finding the most stylish Christmas decorations. It comes from within you and is different for each person. I would recommend if you're feeling like a Grinch this holiday season, step away from all the commercial Christmas traditions and go out to explore things about the holiday that intrigue might find out some interesting new tradition that you want to start, which in turn ends up igniting your own holiday spirit for you to share with others.


Also turn to friends and family, talking issues out and even getting a buddy to go on some adventure with you might be exactly what you need. I know positive vibes don't come naturally, but you can make a change...a difference in your own life that will create lasting happiness and self-love. Once you're able to be in tune with yourself...there's definitely no stopping the things you'll be able to achieve as well as the people you could be inspiring along the way.

My little red decorating outfit was not only comfortable and warm, but also freaking cute and spicayy!!! Haha I love RED! :)


I decided that putting on something cozy that represented Christmas (got my inspo from the little fashion book) would definitely put me in the decorating mood. So I threw on a fuzzy red robe, then my favorite silky nightgown with some lace details, and thick bright green socks!

Finally...the tree's all done!!! I kept it fairly traditional with greens, golds, and reds...then added my pops of fun through glitter and green sparkly bows.


Red Plush Robe (Walmart): $15

Silk & Lace Red Nighty (Victoria Secret): $40

Fuzzy Green Socks (Target): $3



I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season; whatever you may be celebrating remember to be kind to strangers, find your happiness, and spread love whenever possible. I'll be posting some more holiday fun...including winter/holiday fashion, table settings, places you could visit during the holidays, and also what I've personally got planned for New Years'.


Oh and if you're interested in some DIY projects/crafting check out my post about the holiday wreath I made out of paint chips from work!! CLICK HERE to read that post for more holiday spirit.


I'd love to find out all the ways you guys are spreading holiday cheer this season...don't be afraid to leave some comments or email me. Haha I won't bite...promise!

Happy holiday's everyone!