Hindered Praise!


More is never enough. We are reminded, everywhere, of how much better our lives could be if we would just have 'that' one other thing. This creates a never-satisfying desire for the 'next' best thing. When our eyes are focused on what we don't have, we forget all of the blessings that we do have. Our feelings of need, for a better life, hinders us from giving God praise and living the life we DO have abundantly. ⠀ Self finds itself the center of our attention so often. It is sneaky! However, ourselves are at the forefront when we are constantly hoping for better, in ways that keep us from being content with what we do have. Striving to be more like Christ is biblical. Even desiring something physical is not sinful...unless it causes us to sacrifice our praise and contentment in Christ. In the broader perspective, we have everything if we have Him! All other things are truly gifts, that should produce thankfulness. ⠀ The temptation to settle ourselves in constant longing (instead of gratitude), often hits us. Even in this, God deals with us kindly and with steadfast love. There is a never-ending fountain of grace. You may have to regularly fight thoughts such as, "I wish I was more confidence like that person, I wish I was not as needy, I wish I was more gifted, I wish I was more intelligent, I wish I was the leader, I wish I had a better status, I wish I had more financial prosperity, I wish..I wish..I wish!"⠀ ...All the while, you neglect the opportunity of being who God called YOU to be, the blessing of receiving in times of 'neediness', the gifts you already have (and may not even be using), the knowledge God has now given to you so far, the privilege of getting to serve as Christ served, the benefit of humility that happens with a 'lower status,' the character of faith you develop when depending on God to provide, the blessings...the blessings...the blessing! It is okay to have desires, but not at the sacrifice of missing all that you already have. "Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I will say, rejoice." -Phip. 4:4