• FatiMarie

How Fati Got Started...

Updated: Mar 12

The path to this present moment has been persistent, exciting, awe-inspiring and wary all at the same time, only because I couldn't believe that this amazing career could actually be an option. I’ve been from the top to bottom to sideways and back in both personal and work life and have learned- Oh! So Much!- along the way.


With my work life, I’ve done everything from driving around inventory to stores, traveling the country to merchandise stores and showrooms, conduct training for employees and then rounding it off with running a multimillion dollar store right in the heart of West Hollywood. Throughout my whole life, I didn't realize as it was happening but I was being given the tools of work ethic and skill: How to communicate, manage and mold people, listen to their needs, the in's and out's of business and most importantly, how to work and trust yourself and the inner voice. With each of those experiences I've gained friends for a lifetime and experiences that are priceless. But in the process, I also felt like I wanted to do more- reach people on a deeper level, who needed to be heard, to be loved and who needed help.


I then started my first (official) company EASY Organics with a health coaching certification in my back pocket, experience on my side and the drive to want show people a better way to live. After 2 years, it didn’t last but it had a lasting impression. It taught me how much awareness it takes to get out of your head and let go of fear, how a support system can make or break you and how much you need to truly LOVE what you do. And I wasn’t loving what I was doing. I was hiding behind the products I was trying to sell, not understanding that it was me and my knowledge from personal experiences I wanted to give you. I wanted to show people a clearer way of thinking, feeling and acting in their day to day. Bonus from all my workhorse days, I am able to help so many women with the start of their business! From setting their schedules & goals and ACCOMPLISHING them, this is a super fun process!


Truth be told. It was one of my very necessary steps to get here. It taught me so much- but more than anything, it taught me that what I’ve been meaning to do this whole time is work with people. Especially with the people who I know I can not only help, but learn from myself. I feel drawn to people who need guidance and feel stuck in their current outside circumstances- a job or relationship. I help them see if it is themselves who needs a change of perspective, swift kick in the butt, change of attitude OR is it really that said person or situation that needs to be reevaluated to help you grow.


I’ve been through that. I’ve had to leave jobs that weren't right for me and relationships that no longer served my soul. Even when the decisions were tough to make because I knew I would be affecting the lives of others, those decisions were so defining and unwavering in my gut, it gave me strength, courage and will to truly pursue the love I have within myself and in my life.


I want to help people who are hurting from loss. I’ve lost my mom, stepdad, sister and the best cat in the world, all within a period of 15 years- my mom and cat being the most recent, in the last three years. These losses all before the age of 31 has been some of my most trying. I can’t explain to you the amount of hurt, sorrow, crying and pure emptiness that I had felt at some point. But through love, understanding, a spiritual base and gratitude, that sorrow has morphed into a deep love. That process was long, necessary and sometimes scary because you feel so many different emotions and deciphering which thoughts are come from grief or truly from within, can leave you feeling tripped up. Death can do amazing things to you, it can wake you up and be life changing. Let it.


Helping people who feel a loss of love for themselves has been one of my greatest joys, seeing them open their eyes to their own magnificence. I’ve been through that and understand it all too well. There are so many reasons why we can feel down and defeated. Absent parents, abusive relationships, bullies, personal self destruction, whatever it may be for you.. we all have trauma stories that contribute to the lack of self-esteem and lack of self love. But I promise you, there is a way to find it within yourself. Having someone by your side while you go through your personal transformation can be key in ascending to the next step.

I'm able to be here for you because I've been through all of these roads and with the help of amazing relationships and coaches who stood by my side and understood what I was going through and I want to do that for you! From starting your new business to starting the personal relationship with yourself, I am here for you.



With so much love,