• Jennifer Johnson

How to Build A Outbound B2B Pipeline In 2019

We often get asked how to start with building a remarkable outbound pipeline. In our journey to provide value to you. we decided we will provide you with the 3 key steps to starting.

1. Information Gathering:

From your current data, discuss who are the ideal targets based on your past success or your ideal customer profile. These variables will be used to source relevant LinkedIn leads based off of: job title, industry, company size, location.

You really want to get as specific as possible for amazing results.

2. Lead Generation and Content Creation:

Based on the information provided you will begin to collect lead data of LinkedIn professionals in your market segments. 

We will construct creative templates that consists of many templates targeted to the market segments and can create an effective chain of communication to warm up a cold prospect and get them interested in meeting.

Once we have a large number of leads we can begin our multi-channel outreach across email, linkedin, and social media.

3. Outbound Execution

We will execute our tactfully persistent campaign to build relations, collect feedback from the market and book qualified meetings for your business. We do this through a multi-channel approach that professionally opens up the relationship and increases awareness to the client. 

The people you are trying to meet are busy and sometimes an email or LinkedIn message will give them the information they need to quickly book a meeting with us.

It will also save time, by allowing those not qualified to quickly let us know if it's not a fit. This allows us to focus our time and resources on the clients that want to engage with you and do business. 

Over time, the feedback and data received can be used to increase the effectiveness of our approach and drive an even larger ROI for you.

Hope this helps you get started with your outbound pipeline! If you have any questions please ask them below or book a free 15 minute consultation with us here..

Or, send us an email at info@appointmentaccelerator.com

Happy prospecting!

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