Coaching Excellence

Updated: Mar 22

You can support the coaching journey




Coaching is a commitment you make to yourself and your coaches in the journey of excellence. Enabling and empowering people is not only a noble contribution, but it also helps you in nurturing more leaders in the industry. It introduces you to the world of the leader, manager, and professional and the coaching frames that enable you to make your coachees and their organizations overcome the breakdowns of teamwork and organization and to produce more success.  The CEO coaching program is for experienced coaches and is unique in the depth, breadth, and professionalism it provides its graduates in coaching in organizations.

In this program of coaching excellence you can join a community of practitioners fulfilling high value promises in organizations. The program is a one year curricula focused on successful teams, leadership, and large value coaching offers in the organizational world. Steps 1 and 2 to the leader is the 3 1/2 day Foundations of Generative Leadership (FGL), and the 4 month Excellence in Generative Leadership (EGL) program.

For these programs we are looking for more coaches, If you are looking to grow your coaching practice in the organizational market, join us to learn about how these programs can support your coaching career.  We will answer your questions and cover the structure, content, and frequently asked questions about each program. Bring your questions and we will answer your questions about the program, as well as cover the structure, content, and other frequently asked questions about the program