Meet the Speaker: Daniel Sivan

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

As part of our preparations for Scalapeño 2018 conference we're excited to share with you the 5th interview in the series of interviews with this year's amazing speakers, so you can hear their stories and their professional insights. This time we're with Daniel Sivan, who'll go up on stage with his talk "Beyond a Better Java: Feeling Fresh Again with Scala".

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself

A: Following over a decade of experience as a Java Developer at investment banks in London and innovative startups in Tel Aviv, I joined BigPanda. I work on fast data pipelines using Scala, Akka, and Kafka. I immediately fell in love with Functional programming and the new world that it opened up to me.

I enjoy helping developers who come from the Object Orientated world transition into Functional Programming with Scala.

Q: Who is favorite tech thought leader and why?

A: Kent Beck (@KentBeck) He always tries to analyze why he does something, why he writes code the way he does and try to identify the patterns that govern him, in order to contently improve. I have a similar approach, always be open-minded, learn from others and challenge myself with new ideas, always looking to improve my workflow, from self-management to low-level function design there is always room to get better.

Q: What advice would you give yourself at the outset of your career?

A: Find the best developer in the room, sit next to him/her and learn as much as you can. Make this knowledge yours, internalize it, and when you feel you are not learning anymore, move on to something new.

Q: What will you teach us at Scalapeño 2018, and why is it so important that developers come to your talk? Give us a punch line :)

A: Transitioning to Scala is easy, transitioning to functional Scala can be a challenge. The trick is to do it step by step: this talk will show you how.

Thank you, Daniel!

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