Meet the Speaker: Itamar Ravid

Updated: Jun 3, 2018



As part of our preparations for Scalapeño 2018 conference we're exited to share the third interview in the series of interviews with this year's amazing speakers, hearing their stories and their professional insights. This time with Itamar Ravid (@itrvd), who'll go up on stage with his talk "Traversals and Scans and CQRS, oh my!".


Q: Tell us a bit about yourself

A: I’m Itamar - a freelance software developer. I specialize in helping teams break down monoliths into micro services, move to functional programming and use event sourcing and CQRS in their projects. All in Scala, of course :-) I’m based in Ramat Gan and have been doing software development and DevOps for over 10 years now.

I (infrequently) blog about these topics at and would be happy to have more readers ;) For anyone interested in the above topics, feel free to give me a shout on Twitter or LinkedIn and we can catch up.


Q: Who is favorite tech thought leader and why?

A: Well, I have several. There’s Martin Kleppman (@martinkl) - I love what he wrote over the last few years about designing data replication architectures and how a log is such a great abstraction for dealing with data. Ben Stopford (@benstopford) from Confluent did some great work packaging those writings up into practical architectures. Over on the functional programming side, Phil Freeman (@paf31) (one of the original writers of the Purescript compiler) has been doing some very cool research into how Comonads can model various types of UIs. I find that very cool - taking a relatively lesser used functional abstraction and putting it to practical use. John de Goes (@jdegoes) has also been doing some very interesting work in the Scala community lately with the Scalaz 8 IO (and Scalaz 8 in general).


Q: What advice would you give yourself at the outset of your career?

A: Get into functional programming ASAP.


Q: What will you teach us at Scalapeño 2018, and why this is so important that developers should come to your talk? Give us a punch line :)

A: I’m going to show how functional programming can make life so much easier when doing event sourcing and CQRS. I would argue that many domains can benefit from using ES and CQRS. However, it’s not always clear how everything fits in and the boilerplate is sometimes overbearing. So putting these two patterns with the secret weapon - functional programming - should be really interesting to anyone doing software development these days.


Thank you, Itamar!

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