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Meet the Speaker: Yulia Stolin

As part of our preparations for Scalapeño 2018 conference we're excited to share with you the fourth interview in the series of interviews with this year's amazing speakers, so you can hear their stories and their professional insights. This time we're with Yulia Stolin, who'll go up on stage with her talk "SMAC - Scala MAven Cross version in a java world".

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself

A: I have more than 13 years of hands-on experience in software architecture, specializing in building high volume, scalable, high-performance, distributed data services and systems. Deep expertise in Big data, NoSQL products, software architecture, and development. My expertise involves: system / product / software architecture, software design and implementation, monitoring and performance tuning and Big Data: Hadoop, HBase, Hive, Cassandra, Aerospike, Kafka, Spark, and ElasticSearch.

Q: Who is your favorite tech thought leader and why?

A: There are so many smart people that are worth following... For the performance and monitoring stuff, I think Gil Tene (@giltene) is definitely worth following. For the BigData stuff, there are plenty: some of them are Neha Narkhede (@nehanarkhede), Michael G. Noll (@miguno), Todd Lipcon (@tlipcon), and many others

Q:What advice would you give yourself at the outset of your career?

A: I really like a quote: "choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life" So choose what you like to do, and the rest will come by itself

Q: What will you teach us at Scalapeño 2018, and why is it so important that developers come to your talk? Give us a punch line :)

A: It is a well-known issue that Scala is not binary backward compatible, so you can't use a jar built with an old version with code from a new version. In this talk, we will show how to build Scala multiple version artifacts in a mixed Java-Scala architecture with Maven tool.

Thank you, Yulia!

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