My Dorm Room & The Bedding that Makes it Beautiful!

Updated: Aug 27

I am finally all moved in and ready for my junior (how did that happen? I miss you, freshman year) year of college. This year I am living in my sorority house with my big sis and best friend, Makenzie! We spent all summer talking about and planning our dorm, making sure every detail worked well together. Our main goal: beautiful, cozy, affordable. We re-used a ton of things from my house last year and dorm room freshman year.

One place we really wanted to spruce up was our beds! In a small room, the main attraction is really the beds, and the beds are really the single totally customizable part and the one thing that can set you apart from the rest.

Our bedding is from Annie Selke's Bed 101 collection. If you love home decor like I do, you know Annie Selke.

Annie Selke's Bed 101 collection is a stylish, functional, and affordable line which I LOVE because of it's flexibility. They have three color palettes – White, Grey, and Blue -- AKA the three colors that go with literally everything.

The collection is sold in sets, so when you buy the set of bedding you receive a 15% discount (you all know I love a discount). To me, the best deal is buying something quality that you can use for years to come, like Annie Selke Bed 101 bedding! My only regret is not having these freshman year.

The Bed 101 collection is makes it easy-peasy to deck out your bed, from the pillow insert to the pillow case if you please. The offered sets are:
  • Cover Your Bases Set
  • Layer it Up Set
  • Load it on Set 
  • The Must Have Set – the “essentials” set  for building a bed from the ground up – duvet insert, mattress pad, and pillow inserts and pillow protectors! So quick and easy.
This bedding comes in a variety of finishes: percale, sateen (sheets), and Washed Linen quilt (I have this!).  There is also the Bubble Matelassé Coverlet for texture so there is something for every style.

You all know the struggle of getting things ready to head back to school or move in to a dorm, but one thing that will relieve that stress is a quality bedding set that you know can travel with you through the years.

Covering the wooden bed posts of the dorm frame makes your room feel homier! Check out how I did it below.
I ended up getting my quilt in the full/queen size to ensure that it had a long enough drop on these raised beds, and to make sure I could reuse it in the future! You can see how having the longer quilt easily helps cover the wooden bed post and makes the bed feel so much comfier.

THIS THROW. OMG. My roommate and I are obsessed with these babies!! So cozy and I am trying to keep my bed made every day this year so I cuddle up with this throw when I am trying to keep my bed put together!


Thank you guys for reading!!! Hope I can give ya some inspiration for your room whether it be at home or in a dorm!

Lindy Goodson

PS I have a vlog allll about move-in day that you can watch here: :)