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Manchester based DJ Hamish Gilbert delivers 40 minutes of acid-infused techno in our second Noise Mix. We caught up with Hamish to find out more about his thoughts on the Manchester music scene, his inspirations and the methods he employs to source new tracks for his mixes.

Tell us a bit about your mix. Where was it recorded, what mood are you aiming for and in what setting do you envisage someone listening to it?

So this mix was recorded at home… I’m lucky enough to have some equipment there. The neighbours are perhaps not quite so lucky! I’m a huge fan of techno music so there is rarely a mood when I find techno inappropriate. The mix is fairly energetic to begin with, but I aimed to go from the more pounding end of the spectrum, towards a softer and more hedonistic vibe. I listen to techno in all settings but I guess some may chose not to listen to this just prior to bed time!

What sparked your initial interest in electronic music? 

The Prodigy’s early albums got me hooked, although I didn’t come across them until Fat Of The Land came out, and I took a look back through their stuff, which was when I was about 14.


Was there a particular artist that made a lasting impression on you? I’d have to give that to Dj Carl Cox. He’s a hero of mine. Although my taste in music is becoming more and more techno fuelled, Coxy is one of the greats! He can go from disco to dark techno, and back again! John Digweed needs a name drop here too, as he’s definitely a massive influence on my melodic techno tastes.

What are your thoughts on Manchester's electronic music scene? Are there any nights, Artists or venues that you recommend we check out?

I’m really lucky to live in Manchester, there are lots of options when it comes to electronic music. I’ve been really impressed with the line-ups coming from Joshua Brooks over the last year. They are landing some GREAT DJ’s! In terms of great venues, the White Hotel in Salford needs a mention. Great atmosphere and vibe in that left-field club, for sure.

If you could do a b2b set with any DJ who would you choose? 

Carl Cox for sure. Although he’d need to be playing techno as my disco tracks are short on the ground.

What's the last track or album you purchased?

Last track was Luftschloss by Alyne.

Last album was The Midnight Orchard by Neville Watson.


How do you currently go about discovering new music? I hear new music from a variety of sources, including the good old faithful’s like iTunes and Beatport, but also from going to club nights (and getting hold of the recording afterwards) and listening to DJ shows on Mixcloud and Soundcloud. This new website “Synthetic Noise” has also already pointed me in the direction of some great DJ’s and artists too, great work!


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