"Oranjezicht" Market

Updated: Jul 22


This Saturday I went to "Oranjezicht" market which is held every Saturday morning

@ the historic Granger Bay site (close by V&A Waterfront). This is a cosy farmer style market where locals as me can do our weekly shopping (bread ,veggies, eggs, honey, etc), but also where you can taste fresh made pancakes, healthy dishes ,cakes ,shakes, drink coffee etc etc..... you meet locals and tourist plenty activity , music, craft, ....

The stallholders are local farmers or Artisinal food producers and a lot of choice for vegans and vegetarians which makes it so lovely to buy and be there, like like like.


This Saturday I met 3 Flemish young ladies who were baking pancakes with a Belgian beer flavour, I was wandering what their story was so I asked:

These girls are here for 3 months and are working on a project called "clean cooking revolution".

They want to improve lives in the townships, a lot of people die there from toxic smoke of household cooking. So these girls are selling clean cookstoves for 1/3 of the market price and try to find sponsors or donations with baking their pancakes and give a lovely explanation.

Waauw, this is so great, I was touched, make it a better world oooh!


If you want to know more about how to donate:

Clean Cooking Revolution : info@cleancookingrevolution.com - www.cleancooking.co.za


"Oranjezicht" Market is a must visit in Cape town , you can combine it with a visit to the V&A Waterfront after, it's about 200 m walking distance.


xox Evelyne

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