#PogiInIloilo: 9 Spots to Explore in Iloilo + Itinerary


In Philippines’ Western Visayas lies a wonder to wander into.

The province of Iloilo houses some of the most beautiful historical, cultural and natural sites.


Among these are the following places you should ticked off your list to visit in Iloilo:


Las Islas De Siete Picados | Dumangas, Iloilo

Jump off point in City Mall - Parola


We started our day by exploring the mystical islands of Siete Picados.


Legend has it that these islands represent 7 sisters who were defiant with their father. But instead of freedom, they met a series of unfortunate events and eventually lost their way into the sea.

We visited one of the islands which seemed to be abandoned only to find a rusty lighthouse. But, don’t let the rust get to you as at the top of the lighthouse will give you a breathtaking 360-degree view of the other islands.


Roca Encantada | Brgy San Meguil, Buenavista, Guimaras

Not far from the Siete Pecados is Roca Encantada. You can find this picturesque mansion atop of a hill hence its name, The Enchanted Rock.


Its classic architecture with a modern touch is enough to be recognized as a Heritage House from the National Heritage Institute. Technically, this is already part of Guimaras, a province once part of Iloilo until its autonomy in 1992.

Garin Farm Pilgramage | Brgy San Joaquin, Iloilo


I have to say Garin Farm will give you a one of a kind experience!


Garin Farm will welcome you with a typical plant sanctuary. You’ll never know what’s coming until you brave a 456-stair climb. The magic happens when you reach the end of a completely lightless tunnel. You will be welcomed by an overwhelming bright light as if you have reached heaven’s gate. Never leave Iloilo without visiting Garin Farm!


Miag-ao Church | Zulueta Av., Miag-ao, Iloilo


This UNESCO World Heritage Site has stood the test of time as it survived the Moro Invasion, Spanish Revolution, the second World War and the 1948 Earthquake.


Its intricate Baroque Architecture somehow represents its elaborate past and remarkable resilience. You can't miss this church in Miag-ao on your way to Garin Farm in San Joaquin.


Pulupundan Island | Carles, Iloilo


The Pulupandan Island is a perfect appetizer to a

bountiful tour in Gigantes.


Along with mini-rock formations in its coast, the lone coconut tree will give you a hearty Gigantes welcome! (PS: Please update me on how this lonely tree is doing today.)

Cabugao Gamay Island | Carles, Iloilo

This island is easily one of the most gorgeous island in the Philippines!


What’s more exciting than its countless palm trees, fine white sand, pristine beach?

Well, you get to see all these come together by taking a short trek to its summit.


Tangke (Enchanted Lagoon) Island | Carles, Iloilo

Be prepared to be stunned by Gigante’s Enchanted Lagoon!

Be sure to soak into its crystal clear salt water. You may get lucky to visit Tanke during high tide and jump off the lagoon’s limestone cliffs.


The Old Lighthouse | Gigantes Norte, Carles, Iloilo

Walk along the hallways of the ruins until you reach the

towering Old Lighthouse.

The astonishing sight is best enjoyed in the aged wooden windows -

perfect for your next IG photo! (See top right photo)


Bantigue Sandbar | Carles, Iloilo


The perfect way to end the day is to chase the sunset at

Bantigue Sandbar.


Cool down after a long day in this shoal best enjoyed during low tide.




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I bet Iloilo would be the next most celebrated site

in the country really soon.


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