Tech We Love: Chirp

The Internet of Things is a subject on the lips of almost everybody in the world of tech. An undeniable movement, IoT will see some of the world's greatest innovations in communication yet. Right at the forefront of this movement is a London based tech company called Chirp who are responsible for the world’s most trusted data-over-audio technology.

Chirp enables multi-generational devices to communicate. By integrating Chirp you can create a conversation between an old radio and the latest iPhone, two devices that previously would've had no way of communicating. Chirp also means greater securty as the audible sound of data being transmitted alerts you to a transfer occuring. For those not keen on a high-pitched beep it is also available in a silent mode where the sound is inaudible to human ears. This is a startling innovation in sound technology and one that has reframed the way we think about data and communication.

About Chirp

"Chirp technology in its simplest original form was released to market as an iOS and Android peer-to-peer sharing application, enabling consumers to transmit content such as videos, photos, MP3s and more between devices, even in offline mode. Although highly adopted, we recognised the opportunity to further develop our product suite in order to enable broader applications across multiple sectors using both the state-of-the-art audible and ultrasonic versions of the technology, as well as expanding and developing the technology across multiple platforms beyond just the smartphone, quickly transitioning from a B2C proposition into a global B2B research and technology house. Successful launches around the world with various major clients, including Shuttl in India for their ticketing and bus transportation solution, global leader Amdocs for their telecommunications mobile wallet and MNO solutions, and Activision Blizzard for their latest installment of their $3bn Skylanders franchise - Skylanders Imaginators - have further cemented Chirp as the leader in the space."

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