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Magnesium for rainy day

When you call a disease nervousness, malaise or sadness? When they lead to neurosis or depression?

Well my friend, I will spill the beans to tell you that you have a lack of magnesium

It is not surprising therefore also the lack of magnesium leads to disruption of hormones, which in most causes leads to thyroid problems (and we know that this is the worst that can happen).

There is also no news that nowadays every food manufacturer produces all at the lowest cost to get as much as he can , using fertilizers that limit the amount of magnesium in the soil. This brings that our food during processing or cooking process is completely devoid of the electrolyte. Also the water is very rich in fluorine and heavy metals (lipsticks are also rich in lead) which alter metabolism and distribution of magnesium in the human body leading to the so-called "firing" at the joints because it weakens our bones and thus the teeth. I will not even go into a diet rich in fatty acids, high in calcium (also needed, but too much causes adverse balance of magnesium) and proteins that any reasonable "sculptor" of own body need (more protein in the diet need lot of magnesium in the body ).

Magnesium deficiencies lead to a state of nervousness, lack of concentration, the arguing with anyone, in the point that we just shout what hurts us without much understanding of the environment. Perpetually tired during the day because of impotence to sleep, because we tire remorse that our emotions have been transferred to the next, because it should not be, and we do not want to do that . Adding to the attacks accelerated heartbeat, headache (migraine), dizziness, muscle spasms, the sounds in the joints, very painful menstruation. And then what?We go to the doctor (because they are in the subject), and after a huge number of unnecessary tests (because most do not even listen to what you have to say about your lifestyle) your results are surprisingly PERFECT. So what is wrong with you? I remember I asked once the doctor (it's not their fault that they do not learn this phenomenon of the human body and that proper diet can set everything like a Swiss watch) that if these studies are so great that if she thinks that I'm healthy, "insane" because I I do not know how to explain I feel so badly . Her eyes widened and she smiled (I think that she was searching in her mind for the appropriate psychotropic drugs - preferably the most expensive and probably several times a week visiting her colleague psychiatrist). As she returned "on the ground" with her thoughts she changed the subject.

What is interesting - it is for those who eat well but not quite correctly.

"Products such as bran or whole grain but rich in magnesium have also phytic acid compounds disrupts the absorption of magnesium contained in them, so that these products are more easily assimilated source of discussion magnesium. Phytic relationships can dispose of only natural fermentation of yeast baking. Most industrially produced bread bakers add the yeast or sourdough or artificial powder, which neutralize harmful phytate "

First of all, the children nowadays are doomed to magnesium deficiency. Starting from their diet (mentioned above also adapt to them-just replace a bucket of coffee for a bucket carbonated beverages), and the parents obsession to keep their children in safe, without bacteria environment by killing not only the bad bacteria of "anything" but sterilizing in the way the body of antibodies (skin problems such as eczema and its derivatives, allergies, poor resistance to infection).

"Research shows that half of the people suffering from allergies reaginic (causing asthma, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, migraine, urticaria) has primary magnesium deficiency. Conversely, suffering from a magnesium deficiency (even without symptoms of neuro-muscular), 39% were allergic simultaneously. "

And what happens with present technology and the constant fear - who, where and what he wrote on the social side of love, hate,and revenge. Children now do not have it easy (even I would say that we had a great childhood), but a grown up now do not have time to take care of it , because they act the same - they have fallen into the same shawl and instead of being a so-called support in these difficult moments they the one that need help (could it be midlife crisis? used to be a sports car or a tight dress, now how many "likes" under your picture that counts more).

The joy of my life came back the first time I quit smoking, and the second as I have removed the Facebook apps from my phone and I limited it to the ringing, text messages (I do not answer right away as I don't pick in it so often ) and to the collection of my music, because those things had me under control and that I did not like

And here, a reasonable parent, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa, if the smaller individual exhibits any signs of depression, do not give it in the hands of doctors who only have knowledge of the pharmaceutical (and now we know it's one of the reasons for the low level of magnesium) only make with a dinner delicious salad with avocado and beetroot topped with nuts or a cup of cocoa (preferably flooded with water instead of milk).Obtain a suitable supplement of magnesium (preferably the absorb-able is Magnesium citrate), remember also add B vitamins. It will be useful for both of you - I know it.

And now for something beautiful, or how you can apply magnesium through the skin.

There are lots of magnesium-rich ingredients

One of them is Epsom salt.So do a relaxing bath enriched with the addition of essential oil (lavender or chamomile)

Deodorant obtained from magnesium chloride and distilled water with the addition of essential oils locking odor associated with the reaction of oxygen and bacteria

Cream magnesium or magnesium chloride to provide the lubricants feet, sore muscles, back at the spine (the occurrence of local warming is natural)

Hand It Well is one of my most popular creams for very dry and cracked hands and feet. One of its ingredients is avocado oil (which is rich in magnesium)

Well, among many other great here I could not get past the delicious chopstick Chocolate Kisses with the addition of natural 98% dark chocolate (it's better than lead lipstick - don't you think?) A very rich in magnesium.

Let me also add that my articles are not sponsored. As a result of my passion, interests, and experience has expertise in the subject of supplementation, which here wants to share with you. This information is presented to you as a curiosity, the choice you make is entirely up to you.