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Skagway, British Columbia & The Yukon

Hey, y'all! Weren't the Endicott Arm and the Dawes Glacier amazing? Our next stop on the trip was Skagway, Alaska. Imagine waking up, stepping out onto your balcony and being welcomed by this view. Welcome to Skagway, my friends! Skagway is home to colorful gold-rush era buildings, vintage locomotives and some of the most friendly people you'll encounter!

We had a lot on our itinerary for the day. We were heading to British Columbia and The Yukon, and of course, we had to explore this charming little town. We followed the White Pass Trail from Skagway up to Frasier, British Columbia passing cascading waterfalls, gorgeous snow-capped mountains and some of the most spectacular lakes I've ever seen.

British Columbia

Words simply cannot describe how stunning British Columbia was! The towering snow capped mountains, the lush green evergreens, the azure waters were more gorgeous than I can put into words.

I spent the hour long ride from Fraser, British Columbia to Carcross, Yukon Territory gazing out the window with my jaw dropped. The vistas were breathtaking!

Yukon Territory

We made a pit stop in Carcross for a delicious barbecue lunch and a chance to stretch our legs.

After lunch, we went to spend some time with the animals. We fed goats, alpacas and donkeys! This goat reminded us so much of our little terrier Parker. He had a way of forcing himself on you so that you'd pay attention to him.

We also had a meet and greet with some of the Alaskan sled dogs. We watched as they were harnessed up and carried sleds off into the hillsides.

Our last stops in The Yukon were Spirit Lake and Emerald Lake, both well known for their impeccable green coloring. Have you met my pet monkey Isabelle? Isabelle has traveled with me for nearly 2 decades. She has visited 18 countries with me and joined me on my trip into Canada since she missed out on my first trip to this amazing country!

Skagway, Alaska

Finally, it was time to check out Skagway! Isn't it such a charming little town? It was covered with Gold Rush era buildings painted in vibrant colors and and decorative store fronts.

How cool is this building? It's covered entirely in driftwood!

We met up with some friends at the historic Red Onion Saloon, one of the best known brothels in all of Alaska. The ladies of the Red Onion are all in full costume and character and are an absolute riot. The upstairs is a museum dedicated to the buildings past and the saloon's role during the gold rush.

The day was a perfect introduction to all of the wonderful things we would see throughout Alaska and western Canada. Tomorrow on the blog, we'll be visiting Juneau where we had our first encounter with a bear! Be sure to subscribe to the blog or like me on Facebook so you don't miss it! See you then!

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