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Ajijic Rentals: Where To Find Rentals in Ajijic

Updated: Feb 16

Thinking of moving to Lake Chapala? Is this your first time to Ajijic or your 5th? Not yet ready to buy but want to rent for a month or more? Then you've come to the right place.

As a real estate agent I constantly get asked about rentals in Ajijic. Although many people who come down to Ajijic fall in love and buy within the first week, it is always a wise decision to rent first in different areas to get a feel for what it is like to live in certain communities. So to help out my prospective customers I have compiled a list of all the rental centers and Real Estate companies in the area that do rentals. Keep in mind that these companies take a substantial cut of the rent so the prices of these rents are higher than if you can find a rental by owner.

I have not included sites that do vacation rentals such as VRBO, Airbnb, Ajijic Villas, etc.

When possible, all the links below take you directly to the 'rentals' page for each website.

(last updated September 27, 2019)

Rental Centers:

Access Lake Chapala – located on Colon Street ¾ way down to the lake near Tangos


Ajijic Homes 4 Rent – located on the Carretera (highway) 4 blocks east of Colon Street beside Mr. Bull Meat Shop


Ajijic Rentals and Management – located on Colon Street halfway to the lake in the Continental Real Estate Building


Roma Rentals – located halfway to the lake on Javier Mina


Chapala Property Management & Concierge – located in mall behind the Pemex Gas Station on the libramiento


Cosala Home - Home rentals and administration in San Juan Cosala


Rental Locators – online and by phone only


RC Rental Center

(Mexico) 376-765-3838 (Mexico cell) 331-669-7133



Real Estate Companies that do rentals:

Coldwell Banker – located on Colon Street halfway to the lake http://www.cb.chapala.com/index.php/rentals

Hernandez Real Estate – located just west of Walmart


Century 21 Real Estate – located on the Carretera east of San Antonio


Four Seasons Homes – located in San Antonio


Lake Chapala Realty – located on the Carretera east of San Antonio


Biencom International – located just west of El Torito Supermarket halfway between Ajijic and San Antonio


Lori Fjelsted Realty


Note: A Mexican trait is not returning phone calls or emails so take things in stride and keep phoning or emailing if they are not getting back to you. It's nothing personal.

Local Websites in Espanol

Vivanuncios - https://www.vivanuncios.com.mx/s-renta-inmuebles/v1c1098p1?gclid=CjwKCAjw04vpBRB3EiwA0Iieaml6GGKTEHnM1npPQIUR2A69IDrSj5X11UamhhP5_AaSe605QwNiiRoC1mMQAvD_BwE

Inmuebles24 - http://www.inmuebles24.com/casas-en-renta-en-chapala.html

Lamudi - https://www.lamudi.com.mx/jalisco/chapala/for-rent/

Trovit - https://casas.trovit.com.mx/index.php/cod.search_homes/type.2/what_d.casa%20ajijic/sug.0/isUserSearch.1/origin.2/order_by.relevance/city.Chapala/

Casas y Terrenos - http://www.casasyterrenos.com/jalisco/chapala/casas/renta/1

Craigslist - https://guadalajara.craigslist.com.mx/search/apa?lang=en&cc=us

Propiedades - https://propiedades.com/chapala/casas-renta#

Mercado Libre - https://listado.mercadolibre.com.mx/casas-en-renta-chapala-jalisco

Nuroa - https://www.nuroa.com.mx/renta-departamentos/casa-chapala-ajijic

RentamosYa - http://www.rentamosya.com.mx/casas-renta/jalisco/chapala

Mercado Libre - https://listado.mercadolibre.com.mx/renta-casa-ajijic#D%5BR:casa%20ajijic,P:5,Q:5%5D

Other Sites

Lakeside Enterprises - https://lakesideenterprises.net/

Lake Chapala Rentals by Owner - https://www.lakechapalarentalsbyowner.com/en/rental-listings

Another great place to find rentals is on Facebook. There are currently ten Facebook Pages dedicated to rentals. Just type the name in the Facebook search bar. They are:

Lake Chapala Rentals

Lake Chapala Rentals by Owner

Ajijic Rentals Chapala

Ajijic & Chapala Real Estate and Rental News

P&P Property Management & Concierge

Inexpensive Rentals Chapala Town

Casas en renta y venta Chapala, Ixtlahuacan y Ajijic

Venta y Renta Casas Ajijic/Sale and Rental Homes Ajijic

Renta y Venta De Casas En Chapala

Cosalahomes Cosalahomes

Eight other sites on Facebook also have rentals scattered among their posts:

Discover Lake Chapala

Gringos Ajijic & Lakeside

Premier Concierge

Mujeres del Lago

Everything Ajijic & Lake Chapala Chat Group

Facebook Marketplace - https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/groups/?multi_permalinks=744198409258766&notif_id=1537421278595371&notif_t=commerce_interesting_product

Lake Chapala Classifieds - https://www.facebook.com/groups/158641578074790/

Retire In Lake Chapala - https://www.facebook.com/michaelasirbu.LCRE/

They are well worth checking. All of these except mine and Facebook Marketplace are closed groups but easy to join and are very active with postings.

Also check out the local web board forum "Inside Lakeside". The direct URL to the rental section is: http://www.insidelakeside.com/f27-for-rent

If You Have Feet On The Ground

If you are lucky enough to have someone on the ground in Ajijic, then have them check the bulletin board at the Lake Chapala Society, Dona Donuts, SuperLake Grocery, Wal-Mart and El Torito Market. Then once you've arrived in town watch for the 'se renta' signs posted in windows and doors around town in order to make your best deal for future rentals.

Don't forget the local publications. Guadalajara Reporter comes out weekly on Saturdays and has a good classified section. Ojo del Lago is a free publication easily found throughout town and comes out at the beginning of each month.

When the time comes that you would like to start looking for a home of your own then give me call and we can sit down together and find the home that's right for you! Remember, I can show you any listing on the MLS and even cut you a deal for homes listed by owner so give me a call today.

I know you will find this blog a valuable resource for finding a rental, so please, share with your friends!!

Hasta luego and thanks for reading!