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Precipice Song Pack Overview Blog Post ImagePrecipice Song Pack Overview Blog Post Image

After the release of the Precipice play-through video and song pack last week, I've had tonnes of positive comments and feedback, which has been great to see it all being received so well. At the same time, I’ve also had quite a few questions regarding the song packs themselves, and what they are all about.

So I thought I would lay out some information here and in the video below to answer some of these questions and to try to pre-empt a few others. Essentially, the song pack series is my new series of instructional materials, based around an original song, with the aim of helping players to learn intermediate to advanced guitar techniques. The Precipice song pack is the first in this series and looks at techniques such as tapping, legato, sweep/economy picking, pick slanting, and more. Each song pack is broken down into three tiers to provide a range of different levels depending on how in depth you want to go into learning the song, and how well you know the techniques that any given song pack focuses on. These tiers are broken down as follows: Tier 1: Tab Pack - £2.99 Includes the song, basic tab as a PDF, and Guitar Pro file. Tier 2: Jam Pack - £7.99 Includes song, full guitar tab as PDF, Guitar Pro file, and backing tracks at different tempos. Tier 3: Pro Pack - £13.99 Includes all content from previous tier pus in-depth video tutorials and additional exercises. The reason that some of the tiers include more content than others is so that anyone who just wants to learn the song, for example, is not made to pay a higher price for all the additional instructional content that might not be relevant to them. This way there is a version of each song pack to suit a variety of different needs, playing levels, and budgets. For exact details on all of the content in each tier, including quantities and various file formats, please take a look at the product information by clicking on the relevant pack over at my online store. The song packs are entirely digital and are delivered via a secure download link after purchase, so no delivery or address details are required. At the moment the only accepted method of payment is via PayPal, but you can pay by credit or debit card through PayPal even without having an account. Once you click the 'buy now' button you'll be taken away from my website to PayPal's site in order complete your purchase. After this you'll be given the option to 'return to merchant', which will direct you to your download link. Files are delivered in a .zip format so will need expanding/unzipping in order to access their contents. Hopefully this answers current and potential future questions about the song packs, and if not then obviously feel free to get in touch via the contact page. You can also watch the video below where I basically explain most of the same information, but with the help of a few fun visual aids.

So if you're interesting in picking up any of the Precipice song packs, head over to my online store or check out this post where I discuss some of the background and ideas behind the song and the song pack series in general.

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