• Dr. Brandy Zachary, DC

(VIDEO) STRESS - Thyroid Health & Adrenal Fatigue

Updated: Oct 7


What's the real impact of stress on your health? Dr. Zachary covers that in detail during this informative class on Thyroid Health (including all the essential blood labs to order) along with Adrenal Fatigue testing & solutions. Enjoy!


Stress Thyroid Health Adrenal FatigueStress Thyroid Health Adrenal Fatigue



You may view the class on the YouTube link above or on the Body Love Cafe page on Facebook. Go to the Body Love Cafe page or click HERE to be taken directly to the video.

Make sure you work with a functional health practitioner you trust. To find out what classes we will be teaching next check the home page of our website, contact the office at 925-788-6300 or Team@BodyLoveCafe.com or check out our m eetup group HERE.












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