• bmw31972

CHUKAR-O-RAMA is coming Saturday, May 11, 2019!


It is that time of year again - our most popular (and competitive) club event - the Chukar-O-Rama!


Each contestant starts with their dog, 5 shells and 10 minutes on an open cheat-grass covered hill to hunt up 3 chukars (point, shoot, and retrieve).


Pat O'Kief is the chairman and needs volunteers for planting birds, 2-3 ATV's, and help with food. Please reach out to Pat if you would like to volunteer or sign up for activities ahead of time.


Fees for the event: $40 for first dog, $35 for each dog after that. For example, if you have 2 dogs it will be $75 instead of $80 and so forth.


Please read all the rules and fill out an entry form to reserve your spot as soon as possible.