• Allison Edrington

HARDCAR Offers a Number of Services for NorCal Cannabis Businesses, Including Cash Processing, Vault

For years, HARDCAR has been listening and working diligently to provide the right kinds of services for cannabis cultivators in the Emerald Triangle. These services include: cash processing, secured banking and vaulting, consulting services for those looking to get licensed and stay compliant, and the secured transport of biomass.

HARDCAR is the leading secured logistics provider and distributor of California cannabis products and cash, and the only armored company in the United States that is insured to carry both cannabis cash and product at the same time. Not only can they process and move cash into banks and legal vaults covered with insurance, but they can also move massive amounts of product with their Less Than Loaded model.

HARDCAR picks up cash at cultivation, manufacturing and retail locations on a regular basis, processes it securely and accurately, then deposits the cash directly into banks or vaults. The ability for NorCal cannabis businesses to have their revenue on paper for legitimacy purposes could result in possible funding and additional resources., a huge plus for the growing cannabis market and the need to purchase supplies, equipment, buildings and land.

In addition to the safe and secure transportation of cash and product, HARDCAR can also offer consulting services for licensing and compliance. Now that California has established a legal market, authorities are ramping up enforcement against illegal cannabis operators.

Humboldt cannabis businesses are uniquely poised to take their rightful place in the legal cannabis market and to have peace of mind while doing what they love to do. The farmers themselves are regarded as experts in their field, with cannabis cultivation running through generations of families.

HARDCAR’s experience, focus on public safety and compliance, and respect for trade skills make for a perfect relationship with NorCal cannabis businesses, ensuring profitable growth and peace of mind. The company would like to congratulate several years of successful growing as well as the recent opening of much needed retail locations across the region.

For more information about HARDCAR, please reach out to 1-833-246-4273 or email at info@hardcar.com

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