23 Facts About Me

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Happy Jordan Year to Me!

Chuckin’ up the duces to CH XXII & saying hello to XXIII 💓 Year 22 has been one to remember. I managed to make it to my Senior year of Nursing school, I started a blog, rekindled old friendships, learned how to deal with the loss of a matriarch, conquered life after a 4-year relationship, and started making plans for life after school. I must say, I’ve learned resilience and patience this year, and hard work/dedication has become my greatest victory. In honor of such an amazing year, here's 23 facts about me that I think everyone should know...

1. I am such a free spirited person! (I'm the Erykah Badu of my generation, but I'll still "knuck if you wanna buck lol"

2. My favorite color is pink and has always been pink since I can remember.

3. I used to hate all things Apple, until my ex-boyfriend and I started dating. Since then, I think I can work for Apple now!

4. I've always wanted to be a Pediatrician, but I got intimidated by the amount of schooling my Freshman year and decided to switch to Nursing. Don't get me wrong, Nursing will be a great profession for me and I'll learn so much, but I think I foresee grad school in my future (NP)

5. I have a serious bag (purse) addiction! (Preferably bigger bags, but I have a few smaller crossbodies)

6. I'm a horrible test taker (and I've always been), but clinically I'm SMART AS HELL lol. I have a tendency to second guess myself, when 10/10 the answer that I had in my head was the correct answer.

7. I've always wanted to travel to Haiti and work in healthcare (It'll happen for me one day)

8. I have a hard time finishing things that I start (only because I end up starting something else and get wrapped up in that)

9. I am 1 of two children on my moms side, and the oldest of 9 on my dad's side.

10. I love walks by the beach and putting my feet in the sand/water bring me so much peace.

11. I want to move to New York after graduation, to work as a Trauma nurse and live in a Brownstone (which I am OBSESSED WITH)

12. I started the idea of a blog back in high school, but didn't actually complete it until this year. I was so scared starting out because I didn't have the first clue about building a website and all of the analytics but I was determined to get it done. So I mapped out how I wanted things, got feedback from my peers for content, and let my mom see the final cut. It took everything in me not to ask my ex boyfriend to do it, because I was determined to prove to everyone that I was strong and independent without him. With the help of a good friend, I got it done and I've never been more proud of myself!

13. I used to dance when I was younger (hip-hop/African/Liturgical/ballet) until I was 16. Once I started gaining weight (especially the freshman 15) I stopped. Sometimes I miss it and find myself creating steps/counts in my head... who knows, I may go back to it one day.

14. I love being affectionate with my partner (cuddling, spending time, trying new things, holding hands) and I feel like they aren't attracted to me if we don't do those things.

15. I've always wanted to learn financial literacy and about stocks/bonds.

16. One of my toxic traits is that I often give people more chances than normal. A lot of times I feel like people deserve multiple chances, and it's my job to help them become the best version of themselves. Well in the process I not only get hurt, but I make them better for the next person.

17. I have 7 tattoos, one of which no one knows the true meaning of except for my grandma and my ex-boyfriend.

18. (Cliche) BUT, I've always been the type of person to have more male friends then I did female friends. I've just always been that "good friend" that didn't get upset about guys telling me all about their sex adventures or crazy girlfriends. (To this day, I have a good friend that is married and made it known to his wife that we were good friends and that I wasn't going anywhere)

19. I often make plans and find myself revising them on a weekly basis. Either I take on too much at one time, or I just get bored with it.

20. I have over a million ideas in my head regarding my career, my hair, my living situation, clothing, plans about traveling the world, and moving out of the country. However, sometimes I share my BIG dreams with small minded people and become discouraged. (I'm learning)

21. Most times, people find comfort in me. People bring problems and concerns to me in hopes that I have an answer or solution for them. While I'm honored that people confide in me, sometimes I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders. I don't always feel like I can go to these same people for help.

22. I've always wanted to start a vegetable and flower garden, and I even went and bought things this summer, but every time I started I got distracted. Next spring, I'm for SURE starting both gardens and I'm so excited. In the mean time, I've been growing an Aloe plant that I call "Misty" and she's growing so great! I'm excited!

23. This year, I traveled to New York alone for the first time and while my family had their worries I truly enjoyed myself. I thought about canceling my flight so many times and finding an Air BNB for another week. Since my breakup, I have found great joy in doing things alone or being in the confinement of my room. One day I may grow out of this, but until then I enjoy my own company. I think that's why it's so hard for me to date other people.

So here's to Chapter 23... may you teach me all of the hidden secrets of life and may the higher being guide me along His path. I'm excited for this next journey and everything that it holds ahead.