8: Postpartum Emotions: the struggle is real.

Updated: Nov 29, 2018



Today we're talking all about Postpartum Emotions... cue the tears and sleep deprivation..

Yes, were coming for you Postpartum Depression, Postpartum anxiety, and Baby Blues. And if your a Momma, I bet you have some emotional connection to these words.


If you’ve had a baby, odd’s are you've felt some tough emotional feelings, even for just a day or two. It's an extremely challenging time, and with your first baby in particular, there’s really no way to prepare.


Today on the Podcast we are welcoming Ellen- and we both weigh in on what we went through.


Ellen is a Mom to two (Turner and Walker) and has a baby on the way. She is absolutely incredible, and I can't wait for your to hear her words and insight.


Mommas after you listen, I can't wait to hear your words on this topic.


What did you go through? Was is the same or different?  Let's start to be okay with saying things weren't always great.


The Postpartum Period is trying enough without having to pretend that life is rainbows and butterfly's. And going through these emotions helps you appreciate when it all gets better even more. Cue Pharrell's "I'm so happy." Find Ellen on Instagram @MundorfMadness.


Were here for you Momma!!