$ADBE the 122% Gain Trade if @ or > $300 by October. Position Taken

BotTrigger Trade Alert: $ADBE bought the October 2019 $280 / $300 vertical @ $9.00 for 3% allocation.

MAX GAIN = is $20 for a 122% gain so long as ADBE is @ $300 or greater than upon expiration.

BREAKEVEN → is $289 upon exp & max loss occurs if share price is @ $280 or less than.

Today we have a strong BULLISH ENGULFING bar that has eclipsed the last 2 trading days; this move is occurring while ADBE is happening while ADBE has tagged/held the 50 day moving average. This is a relatively conservative trade model that gives us plenty of room for ADBE to go through market related shenanigans or even if we go through a summer doldrums / malaise period. Please note the bi-colored forecast scenarios of how trading behavior can transpire from here. The main takeaway: The long term primary trend is NORTHBOUND on this name. We have the opportunity to make more than 2x so long as we can get above $300 by October expiration which is 161days / 115 trading days away from now.

$ADBE here is the zoomed in view that shows that the buy signal was triggered today.

Next, we are waiting for $TTD to either fill the gap @ the $166 area or that it firms up a reversal / bottoming pattern within it's existing darvas trading range. It doesn't have to fill the gap...but we need to see more bars & evidence on where that support will take place. $INTC potentially is hammering but we need to see follow through. Other strong names on watch: $SBUX & $MCD at all time new highs. No surprise. Best acting canbis (anybody remember what the symbol is when something is intentionally misspelled) $CURLF all dips have thus been bought trading at all time new highs . $TEAM strong asf along with ZEN, VEEV, ZS, ZM, TWLO, COUP ... & QCOM is right at the precipice of breaking out from a 20-year long darvas trading range. Does this look like a bear market to you?