B E L L A L U X- “We Love a Good Pair of H E E L S”

Happy Wednesday San Diego Dancers! Wednesday’s were made for the women, and we are totally crushing on this group of powerhouse dancers, BellaLux. Xclusivelydancesd got the chance to sit down with Beth and Elease, the owners of the Bellalux Entertainment group during their lunch hour, and we cannot stop smiling from the fun questions being asked, to the amazing answers being given while getting to experience the amazing energy these two brought to the room. As we pulled up to Be.Move.Dance.Connect (the dance studio they live at), the nervousness and excitement began to swirl.

BellaLux showing us they are "put on a show"kind of girls on July 4th at Belly Up Tavern

The first stage performance we experienced from Bellalux was the circus and let us tell you there is nothing out there in San Diego like this dance experience. From the fire LED lit hula-hooper, a woman dancing in STILTS, all the way to the fiery ringmaster leading the pack, we knew something special was happening with this dance crew. There are too many things to name what makes this “crü” so DAMN captivating, but we were able to fit our TOP 10 reasons to fall in love with Bellalux:

1. The creators of BellaLux, Beth and Elease, both have kids whose names translate to mean “the light.” Lucia and Lucien were the inspiration behind Lux (also meaning light). This created the “idea of every dancer being a beautiful light.”

2. Elease was born in San Diego, while Beth reigns all the way from the East Coast! Elease has over 25 years of teaching dance and fitness, being in her 40’s as a dancer (we cannot believe that) and wanted to create a performance platform for women of all ages who might have thought older dancer=dance career over. Beth moved to the West Coast (the best coast), heading to LA but family life brought her to Sunny San Diego-we are happy about that! Beth and Elease were searching for the same thing, a dance community in North County. Soon the stars aligned where their paths crossed in dance classes, and now they have joined forces for 2 years!!

"We highlight everybody's strengths."-Beth

3. Elease’s spirit animal is a deer which represents mother energy. “I’ve accepted her.” Beth used to think hers was a deer long ago as she associates with the gentle grace of the deer spirit, but now it might be a dragonfly. “To be decided!”

4. They now have 33 members on their dance crew whose ages range from 23 years to 55 years old. How beautiful of a concept is this!? They are most focused on Belly Up Tavern (a music venue in Encinitas) and constantly immersing themselves in hip hop, heels, jazz, cheer type dancing. They have singers, hula-hoopers, jugglers, roller skaters, can-can dancers; this team is multi-faceted!

BL Dancers after a night of practicing

5. They have a sub-group for contemporary called BOLD where opportunities in L.A. manifested. They also have the big groups who have performed for Valentine’s Day, July 4th, and Halloween stage performances, and not to mention the amazing Cirque De Lux show they executed this past April! Their resumé holds HDTV, disco galas, flash mobs, HGH disco inferno. So versatile. So broad. They hold a spectrum for both veteran and novice dancers; the world is their oyster. “That’s why we are Bella LUX.”

6. The Cirque de Lux was an amazing performance. From the lights and dancers, all the way to the costumes and song selections. Did you know that they only practice once a week by groups for 1 hour to be able to execute such stunning performances? As their work ethic is sky high, it helps that the dancers know the choreographers who teach out of BL’s studio-they know what to expect style wise.

7. When they’re not living at Be.Move.Dance.Connect, you can find them drinking champagne on the beach, spending time with family and friends, and roller-skating <3

8. BL’s costume designer, Michelle B. along with her assistant Christine, created their costumes from character studies of EACH individual dancer. Every detail counts for this performance group.

*Costumes are EV-ERY-THING for this dance group*

9. BellaLux’s signature dance move= lining up with hands behind the back-booty roll, OH YEAH!

10. What do they feel sets them apart from other dance groups out here in San Diego? Versatility, HUGELY. They haven’t picked one specific genre. Also, they are easy going, not taking anything too seriously.” It needs to remain fun.” LOVER OF COSTUMES!!!! Warm and supportive energy comes from competition no longer existing in their realm. “You are exactly where you need to be BEAUTIFUL LUX.”

We cannot wait for you guys to fall in love with the LUX girls as much as we have (yes, it is biased but whatevs). Hope you guys can make it to one of their studio classes at Be.Move.Dance.Connect, and know for Bellalux, they are accepting video submissions.

Keep a lookout for what’s to come for this entertainment group:

· 10/31 at Belly Up Tavern for Halloween.

· Studio showcase for BE (dance studio); women that take class perform.

· 2/14/2020- 90’s nation

· More of BL at Elks Lodge- dancing drinking nostalgia.

· Circus March 21, 2020 circus will return.

· BL will be on TV in 2020 (that’s all I could get out of these two as they wanted to keep things hush).

"This group is so talented, they can pull anything out of their hat."-Elease

“Be yourself and come see us. Come meet us. The hardest part is walking in the door. We make it easy to walk in, the rest is cake. Our doors are always open. Not just because we are here all the time.” – Beth and Elease



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