• D Micah Hatcher

Be very, very, quiet 🤫 I’m hunting groundhogs......

So here we are the last half of February and it’s dumped about 1.5’ snow ❄️ in the last 16 hours and more to come. It’s now the most snow I’ve ever seen dumped in a winter in Moab. I’ve seen it get much colder but I’ve never seen this much accumulated snow. It’s a beautiful sight and very welcome after the drought 2018. My summer wildfire 🔥 anxiety is at peace. It’s going to be an amazing spring on the Colorado plateua.


I’m not complaining about the snow but kicking myself in the ass for not having bought a fat bike! I dont really know how to play in the snow. Our version of this is winter swells in NW Florida. I need to pick up a couple of winter hobbies this year. More to come!